Shes The Main Android, and the first of the four unlocked Androids, she is part of the Interplanetary Police sent to solve the Catastrophe in the Space Ship
She has a Machingun with a long range, allowing you to shoot from great distances making you shoot in safe spaces, as well as making it much easier to dodge projectiles and her poweful second weapon, the flamethower, the flamethower its an excelent weapon, probably the best second weapon of the game, deals a lot of damage but its hard to use since its a shot range gun

"Don't worry, I do this kind of thing all the time."


The Second Unlocked Android of the Four, Shes the Android Equivalent of Fio from Metal Slug and has all the characteristic to be A Potential Waifu
Redhead, Glasses and Twintails
She has One of the Most Useful Main Weapons of the Game, The Seeker, who practically Trace every robot in her range with good precition at high velocity, making easy to deal with a good pack of Robots, also its her big disadvantage because the bullets cant go in the direccion that you want. Her Second Attack The Cannonball has another disadvantage, its really slow, but also makes a good amount of damage and its very useful to destroy many robot in a row.

"It's never too early to panic."


The Third Unlocked Android of the Four, Shes a Field Medic who also joined to take back the Genki Star
Shes Really good when we talk of deal a good percentage of Damage in a big Area Having An Spreadgun like in Contra Making of the Most Useful Androids, Like Cactus, the Main Weapon Has a good long range very efficient to deal with Small Targets, beside Cactus, She has A Long Range Secondary Weapon, The Rocket Launcher

"If we stick together we can take on anything!"


Shes The Last Unlockeable Android, Shes the Tomboy Waifu of the Androids, Having a Shot Blue Hair and Dark Skin with a fiery personality, shes an Marcial Artist who joined to cactus to take back the Genki Star.
She has a Powerful Badass Shotgun that has a low range and a slow rate of fire, but really poweful capable of clean a good area of Robots, Very useful to beat the first Boss in few shots and Also she has a Electromagnetic field who makes a small safe zone capable of absorbe enemy shots and destroying every robot who touches the field

"Out of my way!"


Starch is unlocked when you beat the first Boss, shes an unfinished android kind of a prototype
She has a powerful laser and micromisiles as an alternative weapon. Not my favorite Android but shes a very flexible character making a decent damage to multiple targets


Shes unlocked when you beat the Second Boss
She kinda unique of the rest, she use her Robot friend Helo as a weapon and capable of dealing damage at long distance and very useful to cover an Area
Her second Unique Weapon is and really Powerful and Crazy Black Hole (thats really badass ngl) consuming all the secondary weapon energy absorbing all enemy robots near

"I'm going to need to see some ID."


(Do not confuse with Chika Takami household's watchdog from love live) Shiitake is an unlockeable character after beating the Thrid Boss "Justice"
Shes a difficult character to play with because her fire speed, her railgun can destroy many robots in a row, but in many situations you are surrounded by robots and deal with that at her speed of fire its a challenge thats why the alt weapon helps, the mines are fast to put on the ground dealing a good amount of damage Very useful against some bosses and useful with other androids in co-op or with the AI as support

"Please make it interesting!"


Peanut is the last Android joined to the Team Shes probably one of the most Badass android in the game because she has a weapon who shoots lava (If it hits the floor it will remain there for a few seconds) and a Drill! Capable to destroy many robots and give her a speed boost hat is capable of making her "fly" throughout the level. Tho her biggest weak downfall is the fact that her weapons are shot range, like Coral but even worst, that can be a pain if you want to deal with a robot at long distance, but same as Coral she Shines in terms of Short Range and Massive Damage

"Onto the scrap pile!"