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This Reviews are not what you expect, are not professional and not well structured either, just are my opinions and my thoughs about things i like or not

Future Sound of Hardcore - Vol 1

The Sound of A Euphoric Celestial World

How many underrated artist you know and why do u like it so much? Thats my question with many of obscure artist who im listen, and one of those are the Future Sound of Hardcore an alias for Justin Cohen and Pete Parsons
Now, guided by the simple name we could say that they are basically producers of some kind of aggressive electronic music, you know, Hardcore, Gabber, speedcore and that kind of stuff But no, quite the opposite since they basically do something called Atmospheric Drum and Bass.

Atmospheric Drum and Bass [Or sometimes called “Intelligent Dnb” or “Intelligent Jungle”] so that you do not know is one of the branches of Drum and bass, being this the opposite of drum and bass, since it is pure dnb it is very dark, aggressive, fast and very euphoric while the Atmo Dnb could be said to be the "Downtempo" version of the dnb focusing on the atmosphere, not having an aggressive rhythm and it is much calmer Creating a very Chill, Celestial and Dreamlike sound and why not, some kind of aesthetic
The truth is still with the popularity of the scene back in the 90s Future sound of Hardcore were not very prominent producers, I suppose that their discography proves it with only a couple of releases being practically 4 Although many of the legendary DJs on the scene did them justice by putting some of their work on legendary mixes like Dieselboy's "The Future Sound Of Hardcore" (Yep, the same name) In fact, it was thanks to this mix that I discovered Vol 1

Vol 1 is probably one of the best releases Pete and Justin could throw, something that will conquer the heart and soul of any dnb fan including myself. There are only two songs (Eden and Euphoria) but it is the best that the scene can offer to fans and people who even in 2021 discover these sounds Eden can simply be cataloged in one word: Magical It is simply beautiful, just beautiful, it could easily be what it would sound if you were really in Eden, a mixture of a magical atmosphere accompanied by quite versatile amen break patterns that constantly change throughout the song.
Euphoria would be where the rhythmic patterns reign, on the one hand it is a little faster than Eden and on the other hand the rhythmic patterns are much richer and "unpredictable" also a little more aggressive if you can say about all the beat also is Something similar to what you would hear from a song from unreal tournament 99, it has a bit of that feeling. Being honest it would be easy to be part of the soundtrack
But overall both tracks achieve to create a Very Delicate Equilibrium between “Funky” beat patterns and A Very Melodic Atmosphere, like any good Atmo Dnb release, but this is beyond that, it simply a masterpiece, a golden underrated gem Its really impressive that something like this came out in a shinny black peace of vinyl plastic in 1993, Yes! you hear right, 1993! Sounds amazing back then and sounds amazing Now, its just... Timeless Mad respect!

As a bonus im gonna leave the "Future sound of Hardcore" Mix for u to hear it! Its amazing if u love that track check this out!

Sleep Research Center - Deep frieze

"I don't know how I got there, I don't know where I am. I just know I'm lost, I don't know where to go .. Everything is white and frozen. The wind is blowing hard, and my hands are cold. The only thing I want now is to get out of here, I have no alternative but to walk in the eternal white horizon"

Deep Frieze is an album that I've really known for quite some time. It's no surprise, since it's an album released in 2007, but I haven't heard it until now .. Well, being more specific last week, a very sleepy Saturday morning at 3am. I just wanted to take an Ambient album and sleep, and as I remembered that I had discovered this. The truth is that I have no knowledge of this project at all, how much I know that behind Sleep Research Facility there is a British named Kevin Doherty who has apparently released many Ambient / Drone albums and that he has been active since 2001, year in which he released his first album: Nostromo The first time I heard Deep Frieze that Saturday, I really didn't know what I was facing. I thought it was a typical ambient album inspired by Brian Eno or Klaus Schulze, mellow, spatial or hypnotic. This album is Pure Desolation. A dark ambient / Drone very icy, but very icy, the sound is Arctic and bleak, that is why many decide to label projects like this with the dead label "Artic Ambient" The sound creates a very inhospitable atmosphere, similar to an abandoned base in Antarctica or running out of fuel in the middle of an expedition, the only thing related between the two is the arctic environment of infinite white and coldness and the listener, who is trapped in the middle of this white desert. Field recordings elements like the wind help even more to the immersion and construction of this atmosphere, I feel perhaps the element that helps the most and sometimes almost alien sounds can add more to a feeling of discomfort. With this, for the construction of a truly immersive atmosphere, the songs have a minimum duration of 10 minutes, each one almost having a different identity from the other, but they all come to the same thing.

For even more realism or immersion, the song names are actual location coordinates, and most of these are ... well, literally isolated parts of Antarctica. Just search in Google Maps and that's it. Although if for some reason it is not possible, a user of Rate your music I leave the links of the locations

This album is the opposite of what similar thematic album or "Artic Ambient" have made Especially with albums like Subtrata which is but much more mellow than this, and for this reason And that thanks to the nature of the album maybe it can make some people feel uncomfortable or anxiety. That is why I suggest if anyone who is interested in hearing the frozen side of ambient hears things like Subtrata or Cirque, and that after hearing and getting used to that atmosphere they go to this "darker" side.


A few days ago, at midnight, boring as hell, discovering music and label I came across with the legendary label of mr solarstone Pure trance. Nothing to says about this label, its a very unique label unlike to the others trance labels like A state of trance or Future sound of Egypt, so i picked up the last release in that day what it is Hutan by Hoope. Weird name, i never heard about this artist before, anyway I'll go straight to the point.

the track its a diamond shining in a mine of coal, this is for me the real sound of progressive trance. with a oldschool influence hoopoe hutan shines with a very melodic sound, a very reverberated and 303 bassline acid pattern and dreamy synths, very controlated and euforic and the same time with all the elements well balanced. The true and purest form of progressive trance nowdays.
And surprisingly in the process of writing this little review of hutan i find this: Artur Wonderland
Same thing,an artist who i never listen his before and same label "Pure Trance" and again,very very very pure and classic sound of progressive trance and the duration are reflection of that: 7:09 minutes, good duration thought, enough to build a proper track. The main melody is starring by a cute piano sound that reminds me to the sound of dream trance, kind of "Robert Miles - Children" or "Dj Dado - Dreamscape",a kind of vocal/orchestral elements who build this progression and a repetivive bassline who create this union between the classic and modern sound, And the rest of the track its full of a sentimental emotions unlike Hutan what is more melancholic and nocturnal sound.
Both tracks are simply masterpieces, the true forms of Progressive trance and what do they deserve that name not like the most Progressive tracks who really sounds like a crappy mainstream progressive house. it's incredible that tracks like this are being released in this times, and because of that both are my favorites of this year and in my list of top songs.
I love this sound, and i very missed with all my heart and now im very happy for someone who listen progressive trance and house until 2012.

Focus writer

Focus writter is an opensource software that I found on July 27 when I realized that the pc version of ia writter that I had had deleted it.
By the way if you want to write with a good app do it with ia writter, since to be such a light and simple app, it does the job very well. The truth is very useful when you have an idea and you need to write it without having to write it down in the notes app or if you want to write and you need more options like adding lists, different fonts or other things.
But anyway, this is not a review of ia writter, but of Focus Writter, which as I said is a software that I installed after realizing that I had removed ia writter from my disgusting pc with i3.

The first thing that I like and I see as an advantage is how little it weighs, it is very light software and does not require a lot of resources, which is obvious to be a writing program but perhaps for PC with few resources it can be used [A computer with too few resources…. That may have to be a pc made of stone with monkeys inside… anyway].

Second is a very simple program and at the same time powerful, it has many options and special features that I really loved, but I will tell you later.
And the thing that fascinates me, and which bears his name, is that Focus writter allows you to focus on what you're writing without any distraction.
One of the greatest enemies of people who like to write are practically all external agents and social networks since they distract us from the writing process and with it as a consequence we can forget about the idea of which we are writing , or simply forget that we are writing that it can also happen.
It does not prevent you from listening to music or anything like that but it helps you not to blur the text in the visual part. since focus writter works in full screen with a customizable background. This makes it just you and the text which is great.

And the great thing that to exit the program you must look up the options to just exit, this makes it very tiresome in the part that you have to look for the button and then exit, maybe a couple of times it does not affect but do it too much exhausts.
Which, by the way, as I was saying, all the options are hidden on the sides of the screen to which one should simply move the cursor to any side of the screen.
On the left is the menu of all our saved texts, on the right is the scroll bar, above are all the customization and configuration options and below there is a bar that counts the written words and the personal progress bar.
t That's right, you can set a goal for how much you will write in the day, which is great, since it allows you to improve yourself and motivate yourself to write more.

And the feature that I personally love is the fact that one of the customization options, is to activate the typewriter sound is great, perfect for people like me who can't have a typewriter and who can hear that little sound, it's even satisfying.
Of course this does not affect anything in writing but hey! typewriter sounds UwU

The only against that if you could say it like that, is the interface in general, since it is something basic and even old, but the truth is that there are not much problems with it.And the fact that it is not done to edit documents can be a great disadvantage for many, But as I say for that there is Microsoft Word.
This is more for people who just want to write and write and edit later.

Suburban Architecture - Visions EP

The past year of 2019 was a year with a lot of great albums, maybe not was great but its not horrible.
In fact 2019 was the year that i listen more albums than any year and most of them are from that year and i find really cool gems
And one of those gems and in part a surprise was this EP made by a dj/producer from London called Suburban Architecture, and surprise surprise its his debut!
So its his only release at least by this Alias and this Label.
The EP itself is a Drum and Bass/Atmospheric DnB with some Touches of Jungle and just has 4 Tracks of 5 Minutes more or less, so has a desent duration of this tracks like any good DnB track.
To start to end has a lot of potencial in each track and the long duration of those are really a good point because are really adictive and energetic in their own way, and if you are familiar with the scene of DnB you will notice a characteristic sound of the 90s oldschool style.
Why? Because The Whole EP its an Homenage of the 90s beginnins of the DnB an their ages of development. And all the labels an artist who defined that innovative sound
No seriously at the fist seconds you can hear all that influences, from Metalheds,Reinforced,Cubic Resource, etc. And make it justice, sounds amazing, speacially the 2 first tracks where the atmospheric dnb are the protagonist and the other 2 represent the more jazzy side of DnB with a lot of "drumfunk" in between. Other Point i have to say, the drum patterns are insane!, are really funky, fast, a bit agressive and controlled in a perfect way to enjoy, specially in the jazzy side of the EP.
Anyway I love this EP soo much, its one of the better things who i find the last year and one of the best DNB Records of 2019, its very good, maybe this review its dosent make any justice but... i dont know, just simply listen it, and with more reason if you love DnB or just simply want to start listen to it.

Dune II (Android Port)

Well after a long time, im finally dared to play the port of dune II for android. Dune II its an RTS Game release by the legendary Westwood Studios in 1992, and its based in the book of the same name written by Frank Hebert in 1965 which consists of the fight of 3 empires for the planet dune and the control of the spice melange, the most valuable substance of the known empire since it allowed interstellar travel and other things. Although that is in summary since the dune books are much more extensive and complete. And it is ultra well known for being a video game that apart from being a classic, revolutionized the genre of strategy games and gave them the way we know it today. In fact after this game came a lot of great games
like Warcraft, Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, Total Annihilation, and many more. So yeah, this game dit a lot for the videogame industry in terms of Gameplay, But the gameplay like you expect from a game of this era its a bit tedious in the terms of command your units because you need to click and give them an order one by one..
Yeah One by one, Maybe with couple of unit its a bit "tolerable", but with you have an entire army of 15 or 20 or more units to give them an order, its very tedious. And The AI dosent Help very much with this, its very "basic", many times the units dosent do anything just they hold they positions and attack to the enemies [Near Of their positions] who are incoming to attack the base.
But.. Thats some of this things are of the DOS Version, ¿what happen with the Android Port?, ¿this port fix some of this problems or add something extra to the game?.

Well, not so much, its a very "loyal" port of the DOS version, so basicaly its just this game now for android, nothing more nothing less, dosent have new unit of factions, nothing.
But! keep being a fun way to play it, the mayor aspect here its the gameplay because of the tactile screen of your phone and larger resolution of the map its more comfy and easy to comand your units and have more control over the map, but in con of this are the size of the units are a bit tiny and are a bit hard to select but this depends of the size of you phone screen and your skills to select small sprites.[Well maybe it just me, i dont like play in phone so much but anyway its my opinion >:u]
The music sounds great! and the sound of the units too, in this aspect the sound quality its great, i dosent have any problem with this, not even lag or weird things.
The AI is being the same, the graphics is the same. But more than this the game its perfecly playable and probably be one of the best ways to play Dune II. Its a fun experience and maybe a good way to kill time when you are not doing anything or you search something to play.

Well if you have this game just click here

A little Gameplay if you want to see the Game

Cat Destroyer - Dangos Makes me cry

catdestroyer cover

Today (Well.. I don't know really what day im gonna post this, but the day im writing this is 10 of April of 2020) i spend a bit of time in rate your music like always, trying to find something interesting to listen

Really without success at first, but i check the notifications, and realise who one of the user i follow miss pinkowo aparently has founded an online label!. With an special and interesting concept of Make Abrazive and noisy music mixed with cute stuff like anime or sentimental thematic, making generes nearly unaccessibles like noise and power electronics, more "romantic and sentimental".

In fact the name of the label is named "Noise With Heart" [Sounds Cute already Do not you believe it?? ^^] I like cute stuff, so i check an random release like always, and one of them are this.

Anyway, to begin this is a track of "medium duration", if you can tell like that, because It is 11 minutes long

The track itself is an piece of noise and and ambient, but not sound too noisy or aggressive like other tracks or albums with this combination. But sounds very confortable and the noise elements are very controlated in terms of being abrasive or loud, just its a very relaxing and calm and its very rare for me, because im not a big fan of the noise, but most of the time i hear it sounds very loud, harsh and caotic, like "mo-te - life in a peaceful new word","Merzbow - Pulse Demon" or "Hanatarash - Hanatarash Ep".

I fact maybe this its the first time i listen a complete track of noise without think about changing songs or stop listening to it and hearing something else. Its a very speacial track, with elements like cute anime voices and specially a piano making these ambient passages arround,In fact that piano notes reminds me in part of the Legendary 1/1 of Ambient 1 from Brian Eno (If you not listen that album, its worth to check it out, speacially if you want something to sleep or music background to study)
Well, to end it up,Makes me so sad thinking about this a only track and not a EP or album, and more sad thinking about this maybe will fall to the internet deepest obscurity, and obscurity which its very hard to reach and escape.

But the good news like everything digital always be alive in our phones, and its free to download too!, so if you dislike Noise for being be noisy and Hard to listen and you want listen something more accessible, this is for you. A track maybe not memorable or a masterpeace but must be listened at least ones, and a label with a concept who need in my opinion more atention

X-Kay Feat Hatsune Miku Ave Maria (No Money Remix)


Ave Maria is an ancient song that practically one does not have to belong to Catholicism to recognize it. In fact the versions that we all know De developed in the times of the opera and continued practically until the times of now. Being a large number of composers who have been in charge of it and each one has practically its own essence. It is not strange to see this type of melodies being transformed to the genres of today. In fact we have already seen many remixes of these hymns in dubstep, electro house, trance, etc. In fact I think one of the most recognizable is the remix that William Orbit made with "Barber's Adagio for Strings" around 1995, a true modern classic.

So it happened in this case of ave maria and with the collaboration of the angelic voices of hatsune miku. This is one of those tracks that I have discovered this week and that unfortunately for the task and other factors I could not write a "quick review" or my first impression about it. Honestly I've always thought since I first searched for "Hatsune Miku Trance remixes" on youtube, I always thought miku and trance was the perfect mix. And the truth has not disappointed any song until now, and I hope it continues like this. But this?!, When I heard this I thought that ...
This is trance !! It is one of those songs in which are all the elements that you like about music in general or of that specific genre that you love so much.
It has rhythm, It has energy, it has a great symphonic moment and miku's voice just does all the epic and heavenly song.
The truth is that this song should be in the list of "the melodies that demonstrate the limitations and vocal capabilities of hatsune miku" [Yep, that's how long the name is]

Anyway It is already my new favorite And I love it <3

Purple Palm - Sensual Secrets


Sensual Secrets its a vaporwave album that i discover in 26 thrusday of this month while i explore the rym profile of Vito james Founder of the one of the most popular and bigger in terms of discography in the vaporwave scene, DMT Tapes FL. Im not a big fan of this label, personaly is a big mixbag but is rasonable, because this label have most of 700 releases and with this amount you can expect of the some quality of the albums. In fact today before i write this kind of review, i check the "last" release of the label "空間的論理とき ANIMAL OBSERVER Railroad Game" what is a very lazy and forgeteable album inspired in sid meier´s railroad tycoon game of 1990.

Anyway, I started to choose one album to listen, scrolling this big list of releases, and pick this. The result? An very solid album of vaporwave, nothing awesome but is not crap, its a very enjoyable!. Its your typical classic vaporwave album, with that reverb sax jams, and those chill synths. Maybe its will be perfect for a long summer trip, but with its coronavirus chaos arround the globe its hard to know it :c. But nothing can stop you for listen this, specialy if you want a relax time. If you are a vaporwave curious or never you listen the name of this genere till now, this is a good start. You can pic this album in the DMT Tapes FL label page in bandcamp, and the most awesome of this like the most releases of this label, is the fact this album its free to download!.