22 June 2022

Man I really missed to write something here after a long time of having a empty mind to generate something, June June June.. You cursed and longest Month, this month has been eternal for me, day after day the calendar dosent seems to progress, Has been a true rollercoast of emotions this month, nothing interesting again, my life still being the same without any novelty, just living my asocial life like any other day and listening to weird crap like always but it is something, it was not a very pleasant month to live, I have not written much because the truth, as always happens to me, I do not know what to write or do on my page at this point and also because there were many negative events these last weeks, this month was hard as hell, full of disappointments, stress, bad news and other things that really don't need to be mentioned, even more so when I haven't been able to have my old tablet, damn... I miss drawing, I really want to pick up a pencil again
The truth is I don't know how this month will end, at least I've had some good news that has made me breathe a little of all this, but hey I'm alive at least... no idea if that's good or not but who cares Beyond this nothing else has happened, these days I have bought some games taking advantage of the GOG discount season and gift games, thanks to that I have finally tried to play a shantae, and I have played UT99 again after years
I'm also starting to watch some series, yesterday in fact I finished watching an entire anime after a long time, I saw the series by Marin Kitagawa, dress up my darling yeah that one, it's a very cool and fun anime, the truth, the I enjoyed it from beginning to end and I also think that it is one of the few occasions in which I had not identified myself at certain points with the protagonist and the characters, something that had not happened since I started watching anime in 2015 with Mirai Nikki, I happened to times with agrestuko but not as much as here, I suppose that the theme of cosplay played here, it really coincides a lot with Marin's opinions when he talked about the connection between you and the character when you put on the costume and how you should be proud of your passions, something that also coincided with Gojo when in his monologues he reconsidered the fact that he was someone who did not fit much because he did not have a passion that coincided with the others, again it made me connect and identify I looked almost like Amano Yukiteru in Mirai Nikki
I think the only point that I hated or found pathetic in the series was when a lot of ecchi and fanservice happened between marin and gojo, I don't know if it's because of my age or because it was something super cliche when gojo blushed just to see marin in swimsuit and did several close ups to her body, I know it's anime and I know the public that is broadcasting this series but come on I'm too old for this crap, even when I started watching anime I told myself it wasn't necessary or it was something stupid , but just like mirai nikki and Aggetsuko, it's been a long time since a series hadn't made me match my emotions and my life, in 2015 I thought if I would ever have someone like Yuno, in 2016 if I would have someone like Fenneko, and now...I wonder if I'll have a Marin
I think I should have made a first impressions article but since it doesn't matter

Oh by the way, Miku Reference Spotted

Oh by the way this blog was written on monday, yesterday i finished another anime, horimuya, sadly i couldnt write anything about it,but it was really cool and i conected with it more than i expected

29 April 2022

Nothing more than watching the rain and having emotional rollercoasters, thats practically has been since the last update and nearly interesting things have happening these days more than thinking in update de designs of some pages, they look old as hell, and ive been thinking how slowly but surely i have not posted of updated more pages more that the review and this blog, i feel like im abandoning this place, im gonna try to revive other pages
i watched again Svtfoe but this time all in english language!, ive heard the english dub before but never watched all the series entirely in the original dub, i really love it, i enjoyed a lot the spanish dub i guess both are just awesome, specially the voice of hekapoo or tom lucitor for example its just cute man, the bad part is i watched again the bad last season/last episode, man i never felt so dissapointed could be a lot better and the damn starco, and the damn relation of star and tom lucitor, its just not good man, NOT GOOD, also markapoo 4ever I finally... FINALLY i could put my cosplay since a long time, damn it have been pased a lot of time since the last photo i tooked with my full costume, i missed this so much man, its like a symbiosis a really needed conection
Other important this is i could earn i bit of money, so i probably, cross my fingers here, i probably can buy a drawing tablet, if i can buy it im gonna post my new adquisition when that damn tablet is on my hands, i miss drawing so much btw
Also, remember when i posted about decora fashion?, well these days i wanted so bad to try to dress like that, it always happen with other alt fashion like emo or even steampunk but i guess i should have the will to try it, just by curiosity at least, would be cool, this can be achived kinda easily because one of the main points of decora is the accesories and here with chinese stores selling colorful cheap plastics, sounds like an easy start.

15 April 2022

These days again have been confusing and empty at the same time. Not many things happened like always, those days where i feel weird and alone looking at the screen of my computed were back again wishing i had somebody to talk although not hard but still sucks , At least im learning to do some stuff, i learned to make pop corns i know is easy to do but i really never buyed a box of pop corns and made them in my home, same for today i never I assembled a nightstand but was the first time, was really easy but those damn manuals are not clear enough and those strange weird new pieces dear god, just put a nail and ready. Also im getting interested in Made animations since two days ago, im watching tutorial like an animal and even i installed pencil2D, the only problem is the lack of talent, but at least i know how animation process works at least the basics, same with character creation design, thanks to those videos i know that my characters suck lol.
I feel a bit frustrated and sad because my sketchbook have just a few pages left, and.. idk i dont know really why i just cant do it, i miss to hold my cheap pen, probably i cant do it because my eraser somehow got lost, so this days has been like an adventure to find that stupid eraser, i know i can buy one but im lazy lol, and that stupid erased still new so..yeah....
Speaking of that, i always forget to upload my lastest art, i should do it, probably i will do it when i post this. Also, i cant, really i really cant believe i forgot to join to koinukos art trade, i was waiting for that and i missed, bro what a pain, westerday i seen the final result and damn it, was a shame because everything there was fantastic, although it seems my art level still low compared with those drawings i guess im too late to the epic drawing skills party, they can easily beat my ass im gonna punch my nuts 4 times, seriously, what a missed opportunity, i remember joined to art trades in the past but this would be really special you know... anyway, i guess next year would be my chance.
Or i guess i should made my own art trade with blackjack and hookers.

5 April 2022

Last month was a Was a mix of emotions and situations that i probably i cant write them all, My emotional state at least is... Idk honestly but is not sadness or anything is just confusion
One of the most interesting things is that my mom what to buy me a musical instrument again, she always had the philosophy of Dont matter your age, you can try again, and so she want to buy me a guitar to try to play an instrument again, i had a guitar and a piano but i never had somebody to help me learn to play any instrument. In my school i enter in a class of music but was useless because the mayority of my classmates were kind advanced in guitar And I couldn't keep up and inevitably fell behind. my mom gave me time to think if i want to try again, I dont know if i could accept but i could im gonna pay a teach to teach me, and me alone, maybe would be worth to make covers of my fav indie songs, would be cool to play dream pop or emo but at the same time, would be cool to learn piano again, at least to play simple melodies and not to became the next Erik Satie.
Also, im really frustrated because i cant find a job to buy new cool stuff, ive tried but for some reason in everyplace just accept girls which i cant find the logic why they need girls only, nothing bad but damn it, at least something temporal, these last days my wish of buy my cosplays and most importantly a drawing tablet i wanted to buy that cheap Gaomon tablet that everybody recomends.
Also is really frustrating that i couldnt dress my cosplay these last weeks because many stuff have been happening in my house and i couldnt find a time alone to dress it at least for an hour, I really miss it, makes me sad to see him alone in my closet.
The last week was something "Unexpectable", In the Weekend My Mom in breakfast she said, "You should think in have a girlfriend is not good to be alone" Gladly if my mom said that was in a good way, she never would say "Move your ass, get a life" but she think that im a person that must be loved. How the hell i could find something like that if i bad at socializing, ive trying to find a friend all this years without success, how i could achive that? I never had those feelings though more than "That girl is really cute". This moment awake my forgotten fear of all, something i thought i leave of my mind, the fear of get old and die alone. This moment remind me to that simpson episode where Gladys Bouvier in selmas choise says "Don't die alone like me. Make a family. And do it now!" or something like that.
honestly I don't know what to do now, I don't feel bad or anything but it's very confusing, it doesn't help that this weekend I found a well of romantic vocaloid comics and started an anime that in the end turned out to be romance.
What I Should do now?
Damn it, this is so embarrasing, i cant believe im gonna post this crap

15 March 2022 "The Weirdest Dream Pt 3"

It all starts in a room with many lights around but low intensity, I was sleeping with a girl next to me who minutes later I find out that she is my wife *wow having a wife in a dream how lucky* we were starting to get up in a hurry Since there was a loudspeaker asking for all the people to gather in one place, she was wearing a sailor fuku *Japanese girlfriend let gooooooooo* and I was wearing winter clothes with a jacket for a rainy day.
We got ready with some bags and went to that point that the loudspeaker told us, there were many people as if it were a festival, we were inside a very spacious bunker, everyone was as confused as we were and also some people and armed soldiers who were in the corners. "What's going on?" "We should go, it doesn't give me a good feeling" She told me.
The tension invaded me just like everyone else, I took her hand and my bag with force ready to run in case something happened. She took my hand and I took hers and among the crowd we slowly began to look for the exit, and at a good moment in the background shots were heard and approaching us when we began to see natural light, people were running behind us to escape from what was happening inside. At the entrance there was a guy checking people for some reason and another offering weapons, and with reason because there I found out why we were in a bunker, it was a zombie apocalypse as if it were something not so serious. I don't remember if we took a gun but My wife ran aimlessly leading me to a seemingly desolate place while there was chaos behind.
But we did not last long free, in an open field she approached the edge of an observatory where many desolate cities could be seen against a blue horizon of deep ocean. She couldn't stop at the landscape, but it wasn't for long, suddenly thousands of bombers appeared in the air, it didn't look good at all, I asked her to run to a car parked next to the observatory. I think this scene is great, worthy of a painting or a movie, because the bombers began to drop nuclear bombs and destroy everything, it seemed that it was the last option to kill the infection, we ran away but we couldn't, it began to disintegrate while running as well as the war of the worlds where alien tripoids lasered people to dust.
Everything was destroyed, and everything went black, of course I died with her and the first act is over. As if it were a video game, I woke up in bed again, as if it were an alternative ending, everything happened as the first time in the first few minutes, everything changed when the entire bunker gathered at one point, it seemed that they were about to do a party, something that didn't make sense because... uhhh, zombies everywhere and loud noise = zombie invasion, I don't know how but when everything was calm they started to come out everywhere, zombies in the ventilation ducts, zombies in the corridors . zombies everywhere I took my girl by the hand and everything from the previous act happened, we escaped through the same corridor, there was the same guy checking people and the same guy asking us if we needed a weapon.
And we ran to the opposite side this time, to a shopping center where a lot of people also took shelter. This is the part I don't understand, because out of nowhere there was a guy in the middle of the mall who started throwing a weird bottle, apparently he had a virus that started everyone throwing up postal style 2, this now that I'm writing it reminds me to the opening scene of the lousy resident evil movie where the bad guy launches the T virus to infect all the underground base workers. For some reason I resisted the virus but soon I was surrounded by zombies, who looked like, I don't know just normal people but like they were in a dream state or like when you stare at nothing.
For some reason I just touched a zombie's face and in seconds I was surrounded by them and everywhere. Here there is a plot gap since someone came out of nowhere who saved me from the zombies but at the same time it was someone bad, He was the guy who threw the bottle with the virus and as a typical Disney villain began to tell his story. "I am the one who writes this story, everyone must die and you too, I have created tunnels from China to Canada, The other side is the only one that is free from the plague, The end depends on Me, There is hardly anyone left Alive from this side" And at that moment he grabs another of those viral vials and throws it at me, and since that thing makes you vomit, well I vomited a lot, I remember the same way it felt horrible, my body resisted the metamorphosis but it was inevitable, within seconds of crying blood and destroying my vocal cords with pain, the bad guy carefully came my transformation, until suddenly an explosion sounds in the background. It was an atomic explosion, and just as my wife disintegrated in the first act, I experienced it the same way seeing my body disintegrate, everything was destroyed and thus ended the second final act. For now this is one of the most cinematic dreams I've had of these 3 chapters of dreams written And it even leaves me with doubts How the hell did it all start? How do we get to that bunker? That bad guy was responsible for everything? Where the hell did the virus come from? Where the hell were those tunnels, was that where we were? Is that hallway guarded? how the hell is there such a long corridor that connects continents so far away? Raios, I think I'm going to calm down and by the way I can't believe that there is already a part 3 of my dream journal.

14 March 2022 22:54

My emotional status is unclear right now, honestly i dont feel nothing these days, no loneliness, no empiness, nothing no positive or negative emotions, i guess i feel normal? that exist? whatever, these days have been nothing special, i feel kinda frustrated by the fact i still dont have headphones, i asked my dad for his headphones but he always use them that is bad, because i can write any review,i know its stupid but it dosent feel the same without headphones, i miss this place too, i never will abandon this place thats for sure but my updates are getting no so frecuent, i guess my creativity level is low as crap, i cant even make a damn new card or page.
I havent draw anything these days, i even took my pencil, is not by laziness is just.. I dont know my creativity is low right now, my mind cant give me a interesting "Image" to draw, i probably i should practice more? besides that i used my Ds like a Demon, i practically have practiced my drawing skills there, i didnt improve a lot but i can draw 3/4 head so thats a progress i guess. Also ive playing Lunar knights a bit, damn i forget how amazing that game is. The other day I came across a video on youtube that sparked that crazy idea I've had since I discovered flash games as a child. Creating a video game, honestly I know it's hard to death but I guess doing at least something basic would be great
I cannot decide where i should start, nowdays starting to make games is easy than ever between those commercial and obscure engines without programming and easy learning programming, Everybody knows them to this point, Gamemaker, godot, unity, Unreal You just name it I tried game maker again taking opportunity that now is free but again was a total miss, idk why i find game maker hard, is kinda ironic, everybody find game maker easy with that drag and drop option.
I decided to give an opportunity to Pico 8 but its 15 dollars, i dont have money to buy a engine so is *pirate time* or leave, many people say that is a good start for beginner to learn to program and learning all the basics in game development. But at the end i seached on itch.io for engines, one of those was an Text adventure engine to make Text based adventure games like "Adventure" or "Zork" You know, those games where is text story intensive and you must type "Pick Sword, Go North, Use sword, Examine"
I tried to write a game of that kind but its hard, i tried before with other method, is not hard in terms of writing and make desitions but is Story intensive, the story is everything here and the decitions are crusial, i dont have a really good story now to make a game like that. and discovered bitsy. Now, i remembered watching some people who posted their bitsy game here on Neocities so, i downloaded bitsy and I spent all my evening on drawing sprites, writing dialoges, and that stuff Its really simple but fun as hell. i also played some games made with the engine to see what is capable of.
I have a solid idea after playing all those simple adventure games, I dont want to spoil anything but its about a guy who search for fuel after his bus runned out of Gas. I wanted to made a len kagamine the protagonist but i dont know if its good idea to represent len in a 8x8 Pixel sprite so i scraped the idea. I hope this is the start of something like drawing, i dont want to be an artist and is the same here, i dont want to became a gamedev but if i can put something on Itch.io would be really epic.

And i hope i can learn to make 3d or 2.5d crap, i can think about the possibilities, A vocaloid kart racing game, my main story made rpg, a space shooter, hell and Hatsune miku/Vocaloid Dating sim?! now that would be nuts
Also, in my cosplay wishlist i wanted to dress like Alastor from Hasbin hotel, so i seached it yesterday at night and OMG IS SO DAMN SEXY I WANT IT JUST LOOK THAT THIS OMG REEEEEEEEE

2 March 22:56 PM


Theres nearly nothing to update today, just pain, No dont worry is not my emotional crap, but my health, since Monday me,my mom and dad were sick, Gladly is not Covid just cold
but it's a hard one, since I never get a cold I've been like 2 years without being sick so yeah... Im getting better now but still, at least i can do my normal activities more or less
I Still draw, i still play videogames and watch movies. Speaking of Drawing This week was a pain, I practice a lot but i cant draw a lot of things, as a result i use my eraser like a damn demon leaving a mess in the table Why the hell is so hard to draw Side bodies and Heads, why is so hard to draw boys, why i draw crap?
Besides that I feel i bit bad for letting my site alone again, im not out of time i think theres not enough creativity to create and write more things, that ricochet in my last Update, Bad edited character cards and a short and mediocre Review of Split second Was made without effort and mood, i regret of doing that but i cant go back to erase my error, i should repair all those mistakes and do something decent. I know its my website but cmon all was done with love and effort, that was done just to upload crap, yes yes i know everything in my site is crap, but at least was made with Love.
Its really ironic that 5 people give a like to that Update, I mean, yeah thank you guys i love you too but Ehhhhh.... Also, my headphones broke this week, and nobody in my family have one, My dad has those crappy headphones that came with the phone but he uses all day I found a crappy one on Internet, i think i should buy that, i cant live without my sound, theres a lot of things that i want to listen, really good review material, I know i can listen music without headphones but is not the same for me.

20 February 23:23 PM

To begin loneliness is not attacking me anymore, i feel it sometimes but dosent make me feel like crap, thats a good start, Another cool thing, yesterday Rained, a Lot, really a lot
But the cool thing is, i went to a near beach 40 Min Away from where i live, In A Near Lake, the day was cool, where a few people but was really chill but i just stayed like 4 hours and then back to home because the rain, but was fun anyway respite later the sun was shine like Crazy.
Another thing is, man i can believe it but its the first time in my life and since i got back to drawing that I almost.. ALMOST I have no more paper where to draw, i never have draw all the papers in fact i draw in a few or just i never to complete the whole sketchbook. That is kind of an Personal Achivement, Yeah i bought the cheaped and crappy sketchbook with just 30 pages but, Draw 26 Pages of sketchbook with weird shapes and Crappy Drawings thats, kind of impressive coming from me
I think i finally can have enough trust and Confidence in myself, i still got angry when i do a mistake but Is not enough to rip the paper I guess after all this time, i reached my beloved enjoyment for drawing, is not perfect i know, everybody who saw my "art" knows it but its undeniable that, even if is not a lot its a progress i mean hell i never have done anything like this before anything like all those crappy arts drawings
Also today i got really adicted with steam Trading Cards, I played a lot to collect all i can have, but today i finally coul d Buy a lot of Cards in Steam Market and Craft 3 Badges One of Bastion, Hyper light Drifter and Left 4 dead. Feels really satisfying maybe finally i can feel that Collectors Adrelanine I like that Steam feature since i buyed my first game, its cool to have that trading card collecting alive, i would prefer a Physical Alternative to that but still cool (Bro would be cool to see Valve selling Physical Trading cards of their Games in their Website)

16 February "The Weirdest Dream Part II"

Ok time to write a weird dream again, man im so surprised i didnt thought that i would write another dream, specially when i cant remember my dreams or simply i dont dream nothing and my sleep process its like when steve sleep in minecraft
Anyway Sadly this time its gonna be short because i cant remember how this dream ends, because a lot of noises made me Wake up, thanks dad, thanks dog
My dream began with a weird animated scene, like and old Disney Movie like those ones of the 40 or 50s Alice in wonderland style, In a Rainy foggy Forest A frog Running of something that, i dont know what could been, but this frog had a lot of fear and he decided to hide under a fallen tree This bad guy spotted this frog and say to him "We are searching for somebody who knew something important, you know anything?" and this frog with fear in his eyes didn't say anything
Abruptly that scene changed with... Me...
Me, my nephew and my mother were at my house doing normal stuff like any other nomal day, For no reason i Said "I Should take an vacation" and mom said "Ok, Take your nephew with you", We eated something, I took my stuff and we went to a train station.
That train station was really weird, first theres no trains here... Well theres train stations but trains are abandoned here and in the whole country are just used for industrial purposes mostly transporting acid and other stuff for the mining industry. Anyway That train station was weird, A lot of that station looked like Black mesa and those futuristic Malls. In fact the train we tooked was the Train of Black mesa, the same one who Gordon Freeman Used.
Before we took that train My mom called Me and Said "Somebody Told me that are Chasing You" (Probably that guy who was chasing me Could be that Unknown guy from the frog, its stupid but its the only thing in my dream that was chasing something)
I took my phone and my nephew and waited for the next train, while i waited for the train arrived I was looking two girls sitting near a plant waiting for a train, those girls looked familiar because they looked like One of those Love Live girls, I think one of them Looked like Maki Nishikino, she had that same lookin uniform
After that, we got on the train and we went on a trip, We Arrived to Japan... Yeah I cant think How could exist a train station that can transport people from Here to japan, that break all logic, how can exist a rail so long im talking about a train station who connects South America And Japan Holy chips, but we arrive and the funniest thing is that Me and My Nephew took a train to japan without Nothing more than money, no backpack no bag with clothes, nothing. In fact I Told him "Dont worry man, we have money and if we need clothes we just buy"
We Arrived at night at everything was Full of Light, We walked without destiny in every street, in one of them was an empty street that was kind of dark, just a bit theres some few light post on, there was some 4 Idols singing in the middle of the street with some Beautiful dresses, i Think One of Them looked Like Fukase, not was a cosplay but her dress looked like Him with Red and While and many Accesories My nephew just saw them without attention and he keep walking, and i said to him "Stop a minute that song is great" And We stayed util they stopped singing, I went to talk to them to congratulate them for what they were doing
"I love your music a lot, Im so happy to see Some girls singing this songs, I heard them Everyday, Thank You For everything, Was really surprising to see them Singing A Pikarin Shiina Song being only 10 minutes here in tokyo"(Thats embarrasing, god pls kill me...)
Yeah They Were Singing I love You Of Pikarin Shinna in the middle of nowhere, And yes That Artist Actually exist, in fact i listened to her a lot in my job in 2020 She makes Kawaii Metal, if you listened Babymetal or Watched the 3rd Season of Aggretsuko when OTM Girls performed jpop and metal with retsuko, thats it. (Crap i think i gave an spoiler)

After that we went to an Hotel and our day ended. In the morning my mom called again and told me that I had to go sign some important papers, so i we went to an enormeous bulding, a girl accompanied me to the top floor where there was a girl and a guy which they passed me a paper where I had to choose something. They were some papers for a certain expansion of our house. Why in Japan? Because f***n logic. So I called my mom to say what the hell I had to choose, I went to the window while I was talking to her and I saw her in a corner. What was she doing in Japan? Because Logic
I ran to the street, and she was gone, I looked for her everywhere even in a minimarket but she disappeared, I even called her but she didn't answer the phone. I made her sign what I thought she needed and I left there, I went to look for my nephew and we went to an arcade. My nephew didn't want to play so I took a coin and played a fighting game
I think this is the realistic part of the dream because I remember getting my ass kicked like in real life I suck at fighting games that's why I don't play Mortal Kombat and crap. And heres when my dream ended because my dog and my dad, thanks dad for putting your FM Radio so loud and thank you dog for barking at the neighbor's cat
I guess after arcade we went to buy clothes because i have a blurred image about clothes and stuff. Man i should stop of writing my dreams, its stupid and gives me cringe, now i understand why i dont remember anything, maybe is for the best.

14 February 22:39

Ok theres a ton to add this week, first of all, loneliness these days was not a problem still here i know but at least is not making me like crap at least my nephew was making me a bit of company these 3 days so yeah... its some progress, in fact one day we went to buy some b r e a d at night, was really magical it mades me to remember those cool summer days of the past.
Second, i finally ended the final season of Aggretsuko and Dota, i dont know what to say, i feel smashed in my heart, one because Aggrestuko for now has ended and let me here with hunger for more like every season and Dota? Omg that ending man.. Yeah everythings ended but i dont know if was a happy ending for me with all those things happened to marci and Lina. At least this show made me play Dota again, yeah i installed again, I still suck but i made some progress at least, i managed to play and master a bit with Luna, Kinda ironic because i have an Oc with the same name and she was one of my Fav Characters, shes fuckin badass I love her.
I think the sad part is...

I realized that I no longer have enough money to buy another cosplay.. Man i wanted to buy that Wirts Cape So bad

9 February 2022 23:11

These days where empty, more than watching netflix (or trying to watch netflix cause my dad watch netflx all day long, thanks dad) and playing videogames theres... nothing Loneliness has invading me again i wondered where the bastard was, damn it, i never thought that making or having friends at my 21 were that hard, i never thought as a kid socialize was so hardcore
Adulthood is a dark place
Today almost... ALMOST end Aggretsuko, i finally could watch the third season and watch 4 episodes of Season 4, Man these seasons gets better and better and again i found something in this show, i like when that happen, you know when you feel theres something growing inside you, i dont like a lot when i watch something and just i throw it away Speaking of series, im thinking about watching lovely complex, ive heard that name a lot of times in the past and now i heard of that again in a random post on facebook
i guess i never gonna be free of Romantic anime
Oh besides, the otherday i was playing team fortress in a server that i never heard before, was pure chaos as expected but suddently everything turned friendly and was really cool, not because of that but was on a minecraft thematic map with the ost and everything
Was a cool moment that sadly forgot to make a screenshot, i actually commented in the chat "man this minecraft ost makes me really nostalgic" and everybody agreeded with that, even theres two guys who probably are friends now because were talking a lot, Good moment man

2 February 2022 23:15

Ok I have a lot to update since January 23, nothing interesting has happened since that day, just work, but finally On Monday 31 I stoped working so now its vacation time baby, what a crappy job i hope they pay well
Anyway beyond that nothing, i bought two games the other day taken opportunity of those wonderful Steam discounts, Half life 2 And Hotlime miami, finally ive played those games, I beated Half life 2 yesterday i think and Hotline miami has been really hard to get to, beyond the dificulty the game crashes as hell every 30 minutes or so but ignoring that Hotline Miami is badass i wonder if somebody sells those Masks that appears in the game, would be cool to have one
In other topic, Did you guy have seen my crappy art? well ive drawing a lot these days, i think i finally found that lost satisfaction of drawing, i draw a lot in my childhood, not perfect but i really enjoyed to draw comics and scenes from my fav movies and games i think i lost that is because the stress and how hard is to "upgrade" your skills, since i was a furry i get into art more deeply and was really disapoining and sad to find kids of 14 drawing like a boss while me at 17 just sucked. I guess this is an opportunity to get just a bit better in drawing and most importantly have fun doing it.
Oh i forgot to say it the other day, I finally managed to contact with my friend and She finally replayed my messages, she just sayed that shes fine and she has not talked with anyone all this time, I guess shes having fun with his gf and nothing more.. At least i stopped to feel like crap after that, i thought it was my fault.
And on the other hand, My wishes to buy cute accesories has grown again, again i wanted to buy those cat ears and again i wanted to buy those flower crowns and like those my wishes to dress Like and Elf.. Yeah... That was cringy but i like fantasy i dont have choise

23 January 2022 18:34

I finally can update my blog again! Man im glad to see this page alive again this days Its really an acomplishment.
Anyway these days where some crazy days because since Friday 21 I was in my vacations with some cousins and My uncle at some near beach in my zone called "Maicolpue" its has some interesting history if you are interested in culture and forgein history I have been in a small vacation house these days with a cool view to the beach, the only problem that house was nearly in the top of a hill, literally theres a ton of houses there and this guy lives there, was a pain to go down or up and a pain to buy stuff because that ladder was to inclined sigh But after all, it was really fun, i took a ton of Pics of the beach and a lot of doggos of course, why not I eated a lot, i played a lot, it was a good desconection of the world, theres was signal to make calls but not internet and was only one tv with shitty channels, man even Directv sucks
Oh crap i forgot, i finally.. finally.. FINALLY I BEATED GTA CHINATOWN HOLY CHIPS ive been trying to beat that game since i had my ds in my hands, omg it was satisfing, i even took at an screenshot of the time (1:46 23 january)
its really cool for me because two points: One, its the firts gta game ive beat, yeah, GTA 3 was the closest gta game i beat but i lost my progress when my old pc exploded so this is like a "revenge" in some way
Two, well it was one of those DS game that ive trying to beat for a long time, My first games i beated in my DS where Sonic Rush Adventure and Metal Slug after that Sonic And Sega all stars racing and Mario Kart
But those where a few of the massive library of games im trying to complete, ive been stucked with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Space Invaders Extreme, that New Super mario game. Damn man its suck when that happen, its really frustating i want to finishing them so bad
Ironic enough ive started to play other DS Games, on friday more or less i started to play That other Kingdom hearts game, A Final fantasy crystal chronicle who btw Finally a FF game that i liked, yeah this is the moment where you dislike and start following me
FF is not a bad saga but i dont like that rpg style, i guess im more a Action RPG guy and this game was on point its really cool probably till now is the only FF game i like, sorry i like Kingdom Hearts more, Besides idk why i started to give giggles everytime i started to play crystal chronicle after reading that incident with tifa in that italian senate meeting lmao
And Started to play A Zelda Game, "Phantom hourglass" i guess its called, anyway great game i hope i can beat it, its kinda unconfortable to play always with the stylus sometimes but after all its really fun, that Blaaz Boss was really cool and the ost was good too, kinda expectable, i never beated or played a zelda game hardly but you know, its really expectable.
Hey did you remember when i was trying to write a poem, well i did! i was listening some over the garden wall ost and this come into mind, i read it and i said "This looks a poem holy chips"

I wish that i Was a Shadow"
That follow you eternally
Deep Into The Night
Everywhere you walk
Everywhere you can Be
I Always can be your shinning Light
Deep into the dark reach of the night
Far away from the danger
I can be forever your flying satellite
Your shinning little Star

17 January 2022 - 22:35 PM

Today was a really weird day, i really dont know why i writing something here it really dosent happened nothing
Was short has hell, today i arrived to the work and i should wait a half hour because the rain of the last day, after that i worked normaly and suddently was time to go to launch, how the hell time flew so fast seriously, to 9:30 in the mornin to 12 passed in a single breath holy crap, and you know the funni part? it rained at 3:45, now thats not a bad news for me but wow this day was fast
I wanted to try to write some poetry but idk why i didnt do it, maybe i still cant portray my heart into words or my vocabulary and creavity are very limmited... idk Also, i wanted to write another of my crazy dream this morning, but i couldnt remember anything for some reason at 22:35 night my mind still saying me that was some girl in my dream but i seriously i dont know, i dont remember anything i barely can see some vague pictures in my brain but nothing detailed enough sigh
Oh in my last entry i forgot to say.. These days im trying to talk with my friend im sending a lot of messages to her inbox but nothign happens, maybe i should give up, maybe i'm a nuisance for her. Hurts a lot, was one of my few friend that i really can show my true self and express my emotions without being judged, people like her are difficult to find, its like bubba and forest gump or Avocato and Gary Goodspeed.
Anyway probably i should wait, Speaking of wait i have two thing to tell, one i still undecided if i should make my best 2021 albums video, but because im a lazy idiot but my voice, i dont know if i should reveal my voice, i dont like it and i dont know how i cant work with that for 20 minutes of review after review and seecond, This week probably my aunt and a few cousins will come here to their vacations so.. i will try to buy that weird cream to shave my legs i discovered at the beggining of this month i think and i wanted to buy one, i miss to shave my legs, i just shaved once and my god was really beautiful Smooth as silk, i love that crap Im not beautiful or cute, theres nothing beautiful about me really but i think the only thing that i like about my body are my legs and always try to take care of them but the damn work dosent allow me to buy that damn depilatory cream I NEED IT

14 January 2022 - 22:35 PM

Has been so long since the last blog entry i feel kinda sad and happy at the same time, Sad because my life and emotions are not that interesting to keep this diary updating very often no more interesting than melancholia
But happy because i finally can add an entry, the first of this new year, I can believe this site has been so active for many time, a project that born in 2020 has a joke to just past time has been alive till this day, now thats epic
Anyway today like always has been a normal day, not much happened, it finally rain thankfully here is summer and the heat this month is insane never here in this rainy full of cow lands has been so warm. Climate change efects are notorious, man back in 2008 28° Celsius was something impossible, unthinkeable but now its a sad reality and i hate it, i dont like summer that much and now i just hate it This days my mind has been attacked by desires from the past, again i want to learn to write poetry all because i just listened that "For sara" Mixtape that i reviewed a time ago and ive searched for tutorials again im gonna try to write one... And again i want to have one of those old camcorders, damn those mini dv cameras are so beautiful but i cant find one of those old handycam cameras here. Like always find a lot of used stuff on Ebay but those shipping prices are killing me i cant spend $100 dolars in one of those right now and thats sad, i want to film a lot of stuff with those. And modeling clay... yeah...
Making action figures looks really cool and the only easy way i could find was clay, 3d modeling looks a bit tedious so clay its like my only alternative, would be cool to made those fanmade figurines that i see on internet, would be cool to make a samus aran o a sonic the hedgehog figurine with some clay Sadly theres not that many tutorials about it, theres more stuff made with anatomical sculpture and things like that. But i dont know.. Anyway Im gonna calm donw im gonna keep listening to planetary unfolding and watch some disney stuff..

26 November 2021 "The Weirdest Dream"

Today like all these days i wake up at 6:15 am but today I did not go to work so i wake up at 7:30 am with a weird dream in my head, i rarely dream or remember my dreams, so just at the moment of open my eyes and after answer a call of my boss i took the phone and i started to write everything i could before my brain blur my dream

I don't know how my dream started, I only remember the next: I had a friend who had a clothing store and it was winter, I think it was snowing and I was cold, How I was cold despite having a coat which doesn't make sense She recommended me to wear a Star butterfly cosplay! WHAT IS THE SENSE OF THAT? IDK BECAUSE LOGIC I GUESS
after that I tried to hide from everyone since many looked at me for the purple boots that by the way were super comfy, they were made of a warm material Since the green suit had it covered with my coat (none of this makes sense) I do not remember how but apparently I was in that place for a long time, I was sitting next to a window trying to find an opportunity to get out of there without being seen, since it seemed to be a very busy place

Suddenly there was a transition, I don't remember how things changed but later I was talking like a doctor at my school, she told me that I had to pick up some pills for a certain illness at one in the afternoon.
I went home and after doing some things I took another path that was supposedly the shortest A path full of stones that connected with a slope Actually, those places do exist but my mind changed them since there were more houses than usual, the street was more spacious and that stone path does not exist

I walked around looking around like I've never been there I took another path that in the end made the whole path get longer.
I actually saw two stores on that road Two that sold vhs tapes and accessories and games for ds´s
That road unintentionally connected with a new bridge Which was huge and had elevators and concrete platforms in which there were many people This part my brain invented the same, in my city there are 2 bridges but they would never do something like that, it is too much for a small river.

Anyway, that's where I lost my way and I realized that I had lost myself In fact I went up and down an elevator thinking that it would be the exit
I don't know how but in the end I found a corridor that connected to a hospital I walked hallways just to find my way out Even one that some people had turned off the light and it was dark as hell. I navigated that dark hallway until I came across a lady who looked a lot like one of my co-workers in real life

She took my arm, greeted me and guided me to the exit I was looking for And that's where I found my way out It was a kind of wooden bridge that was connected in parallel with other facilities and with the concrete bridge
All the style of the constructions reminded me of the design of the old real life hospital Anyway, we went through another corridor that connected by a hospital or an abandoned restaurant, it was full of dust as if no one had entered there Which I knew about that by looking at her through the open door
And the other place that there was was something strange and it was the one that the lady and I were Was it a hospital? With a mix of bus station? I don't know, but there were too many people together and millions of things for sale and people in uniforms. I was wandering for a while, it was already full of magazines, figures and chocolates I actually took one of these 3 just to say "uuuh they're great" and put them back on the shelf.
Suddenly I stopped and remembered the appointment with the school doctor and looked at the phone, the time was 13:03 And at that moment my mom called me and I said "hi mom, how are you, hey I found two vhs stores under the bridge, we could buy a movie!"
And she told me "I know, I had passed that way" And well after there I just checked the figurines And there is nothing else because the alarm woke me up so ...I think one of the figurines was a xenomorph of aliens
Yeah, what a weird dream, I never dream anything but when I do, nothing makes sense

9 October 2021

On Wednesday i started to work after a long time, Literally since this summer This 3 last days were too tiring, the job is really easy (just fertilize cherry trees) but still be tiring, even in my summer work i never slept at 22:30 PM
I hope it is worth it, i mean very work is worth but u know... I hope i can buy something cool with my work, i hope i can buy some figurines or some cool tshirt Overall i enjoyed this in some way but despite i know everyone of my coworkers, i feel sometimes alone, this is where i wish i had some friend who stayed with me
I think the only negative factor of this is i cant update or write anything to this site, but at least i can made some dumb comments.

Finally Pt.2

I never imagined that I could do a second part of the last post. It's been a long time since my cosplay and robin hood movie arrived
But I guess good things always have a second part Anyway, I'm too excited because, again, I have something that I have wanted after a long time. It is only one thing but it is something valuable Too valuable, since like the cosplay that I wanted so much, on Tuesday I had something that I also wanted!

Anyway, just look at it! Look at it !! : 'D I finally have my shiny Ds Lite !!
Omg it looks super cute, whenever I saw it you could tell that it was very small and light, and actually it is but I didn't think that much, I guess that's why they released bigger versions later but it is not at all uncomfortable, at least is more portable compared to my nephew's nintendo switch.
So since June 2, 2020 I have finally been able to be addicted to video games in a new way and discover why I love them After a lot, in the end I can play video games that I have long wanted Like Metroid Hunters, Animal Crossing, and Kingdom Hearts Gta chinatown wars, sega all star racing, nintendogs and all that After Years! As a child I don't think I saw any Nintendo DS but I still feel back to 2006
It seems that I had combined with my 2006 self where I was only 5 years old and wanted to have a ps2 and play gta and need for speed all day but I only had a cheap chinese nes emulator console

Anyway, as soon as I took it out of the box, I started to play with it and since then I have not stopped I even made some drawing attempts in Mario 64 Ds

Even so I feel that I am too late, there are many things that I would like to try but that are almost obsolete, such as playing animal crossing with another person or speaking through pictochat
It is a bittersweet sensation, where all years ago they used it with friends and strangers around the world and now after 15 years I arrive at those places where there are only the remains of all those places where people had memories that marked their lives. It is a sensation similar to when you explore an abandoned minecraft server and where there are only the buildings of people who built memories and now they are only .. empty ..


Oh boi, finally i have time to update something here Its kinda sad that this page is really abandonated and nearly dead, but i dont have ideas to update any page here.. But most importantly i dont have enough time to write any decent thing... I hope in the future have more time to write something

But anyway The First Week of April something magical happened, Something Epic, i was a wonderful day, an special day for me
Why? Well when March started i save some money and bought Two.. no one, TWO beautifil things, two things what i wanted for a long time. First of All This

Oh yeah man, A robin hood Movie what i found really cheap on ebay, never was my intention of buying it but i cant resist Robin Hood was one of my fav movies of my childhood and one of my fav movies ever and maybe a pillar to became a furry.
Anyway its an honor to have it, My First Original and Fisical Movie i ever had and looks so cool i love wake up in the morning and see the cover on my desk (Becaus i dont have a shelf sadly). Was a good oportunity to watch Robin Hood Once again but in english because obviously i always watched the movie in spanish, and really was a beautiful experience i never imagine how cute the original voice acting is, especially Lady Marian, its cute in the spanish dub and even cute in the original. Really Lovely To hear Lady Marian how much loves Robin, when Robin Rescue Marian, the scene when robin and marian walk together under the Moon and The Final scene, OMG ITS SO LOVELY AND MAGICAL. And the other stuff on the dvd? The Alt Ending, The Songs, the trivia game and Some pics when they making the Movie?
Oh Boi, its really euphoric i cant imagine how could be this experience in my childhood but now im my 20s? is awesome, it was a beautifiul for my Robin Hood Fan Soul.

That dvd is great isn't it? Well it is not all, it is only the beginning because here is the "main attraction" and it is something that I have wanted for a long time and that I have practically commented on it since the creation of this site Here it is...

Oh yeah baby! My Len Cosplay .. At last! After so much effort I finally have it !!!!! I am very happy about that, I never thought the day would come but in the end it was possible, and well I couldn't wait to post this since it is something very special. I have never worn a cosplay before but the only thing I can say is that it is something magical, dressing up, taking possession of your character is something incredible Almost symbiotic like a fusion of body and soul, something great Now I can understand how many feel to be dressed up as their favorite character and it is something that everyone should do at least once. It's just fun, sadly I have no friends to cosplay so sharing this with someone is something that could not be done Although my nephew and my mother witnessed this transformation, although I wanted to keep this side a secret it was not, in fact my mother loved it. and that deep down makes me happy.
In conclusion Did I like cosplay? Do I want to continue doing it? YES

Happy New Year!!!!!

I know, I know, It has been a long time without adding a single entry on this page but it is for reasons that are beyond my control and that sadly left me with no other options than to stop writing. Many factors such as the fact that my university is being overloaded even more and the fact that I started working have made it almost impossible to go for a second to review neocities And creative support doesn't help much either. I really miss being here writing and exploring very personal places here in neocities, which at this point, has been my place where I can express myself and write more freely than a massive social network Beyond that, and beyond all the stress that happened last year (even now) It has been a good year. Work has been able to bring me rewards for all my efforts and thanks to this I was able to buy a large amount of what I had in my wishlist and even those that were not :D

Sadly I still don't have the cosplay unu but it is only due to the fact that I cannot take my measurements and because of the quarantine I have not been able to buy a tape.

Leaving me by my side.
I wish with all my heart that the people who follow this page and those who were here once have a nice 2021 Full of goals accomplished and much prosperity, And I also hope it is a year where we can fulfill our deepest dreams and wishes.
I hope I can write again and be here more often But until then, this will be a see you soon. With love, I say goodbye until the next occasion ...

11 August

Yesterday was Epic !! Finally, after many hours, effort and loss of patience I was able to win the super metroid. The ending was very satisfying, although I'm not sure I was able to save the animals: c It was a good experience, now I understand why it is one of the games to play in the super nintendo catalog. And the truth makes sense, in fact it doesn't seem like it was a game of its time, it's incredible.

What will be the next destination? Well apart from quake, it encourages me to play the metroid of gameboy advance and golf games? Like Mario golf or pga tour golf? I do not know

On the other hand I have been drawing a little these days. It is not too much but I still wanted to do it after a long time, that makes me think a bit about creating another page to upload the few drawings that I do as a method of creating a "database" or an "archive" Although I'm not sure about it, it doesn't sound like a good idea.
It should be noted that I am not a great draftsman either. But I try to do my best

Also, this post was going to be uploaded yesterday but I couldn't, so I had to write a pseudo html code in a notebook lol. Unconsciously it is a very good way to exercise html.

4 August

These days have been quite boring and somewhat worrying. My rhythm that I carry in the university does not convince me much, in addition to the fact that I am thinking of getting out of this, it is not so much because I do not like what I study, but rather the damn money and the pressure it exerts on me and on my mom. It's stressful ...
At least I must be thankful that unlike how the year started, full of pressure and tasks, I still only have one subject, so it has been something easy to handle

At least these days I have been able to play super metroid. I dared to play it after much thought, since I'm not good with metroidvania and that kind of games. But it was a very fun experience, I didn't think I would get so immersed in a super nintendo game. This encourages me to play the current metroidvania, as it seems to be one of those favorite genres of indie developers.


And also these days again the desire to learn some kind of poetry or haiku has returned. Although there is no reason to do so, perhaps it can serve to better express my emotions or my appreciations of things in a more "artistic" way.

In addition to learning to use a slingshot, throw darts and model in blender 3d.
It seems that I am getting very curious about many things eh.
Also, when I was writing this entry, did it occur to me to create a time capsule? what?

27 Jul

This last two nights I have slept very well, apparently it is because these two nights I have been hearing something that I had not done long ago. I like to hear ambient especially at night, it gives a peaceful and very magical atmosphere, it helps too much to sleep and it is something that I personally recommend to anyone making ambient a genre so much to hear it helps too much to sleep and to de-stress

I have been revisiting the aforementioned album in the previous blog post "Michael Stearns - Planetary Unfolding" and "Biosphere - Substrata" % 100 recommended to anyone who wants to start in ambient or just wants to hear something to sleep.

But that is not very important .. The most important thing is that finally after a long time, my friend and I finally spoke again. I am very happy, I missed her too much. It is a pity that we have such different and distant lives and that they do not fit to speak as we did before. I hope he says like this for a long time, even so distancing ourselves will be very difficult and that leaves me somewhat calm, knowing that a friendship is not fragile gives security.

And well apart from that, only the disappointment occurred to hear my mother who could not buy plushies :c.
Although I already knew it, it is still a sad thing to hear it since I expected him to change his mind or something All this happened when I was on AliExpress as always seeing interesting things. Like that beautiful plush len kagamine or Link, I think I will have to want again ...So I have to settle for watching collections on youtube again ..
But thanks to that I discovered a beautiful channel Apparently she loves animal crossing since most of what I've seen is about it, Gameplays, unboxing and all that.

She's so cute, I haven't explored her channel that much, but apparently its a really small starting channel.Not bad though, i love it
Also, his cosplay of isabelle is Adorable Af!, maybe one of the best cosplay i ever seen of isabelle, i hope see more videos of her in the future.

At least I have your approval to buy me this beautiful ushanka, If I can, it will be one of the first articles of the wishlist which I can buy ^^

24 July

These days i have more time for doing my things, the university class has enter to a "weird" period. I mean, nobody of my class know about what happend to the other subjects. I only have one, but don't think I'm complaining about it.

Finaly after really long time i have time to listen and explore some albums, lot of them are albums who i want to listen a long time, but for diferent reasons i just have to leave pending.
But was worth.. Really Worth, most of them are just Awesome!,well except for the Haunted Disco what i listen to the past month. They Are absolubty cool, the dj shadow album, even the radiohead album I really enjoyed hearing it very surprising because, im not a very fan of Alt Rock or those kind of sounds,but some electronic sound helped

And look who in the future exist more time to listen more albums, in fact while im writing this entry im listening an brian eno album. but it doesn't convince me much, sounds a bit boring, maybe i need to listen to it again.
And Finally i have time to working in more things about the site. Like somebody noticed, i write in the page, im working in a new template of about me page. Has a new design, dosent look awesome but its not crap, its something, but i least im trying thats important to a css noob.
I dont have enough "topics" to add and thats why I asked for your help. I hope i upload the page soon.

In the other side i want to start to watch those series who I have pending and starts other ones. I want to watch Darling in the fanxx or Cells at work. I dont know but i have the wishes.

17 Jul 2020

First of all before continuing to write the entry ..OMG 20 page followers? already? is seriously? I had never realized that there were 20 people following and seeing everything on this disgusting and ugly page.
Thank you very much to all the people who have left a message in the guestbook and Thank you very much everyone, seriously, us encourage me to continue writing despite the fact that this page is of a more personal nature.
Anyway lets continue with the entry

I've been obsessed with Dj Shadow's Midnight in a perfect world single lately. Instrumental hip hop like lofi hip hop is practically the only forms I hear hip hop.
And the truth, although I haven't heard much, I don't dislike it at all On the contrary, this track is too epic to be a 1996 single. It has left me excited to hear the album Endtroducing where it comes from. It also has a great story behind that maybe I can review it when I finish listening.
On the other hand I finally learned how to buy on aliexpress! :D
A long time ago I wanted to learn but the opportunity to ask someone had not presented itself, for obvious reasons, thanks to the different schedules and other distractions I could not ask or simply forgot.
Anyway, finally I could do it although I only made a "trial purchase" so as not to risk too much and see how everything "works". So buy a sd card and a yo-yo, that's right, a yo-yo.
I don't know how to use it very well, but it was cheap and it can be a good opportunity to learn how to use it and even learn some tricks

Also since yesterday I have been watching bna since I knew it will be our last month with netflix I only need 3 chapters although I already put a 5 on the rating page, since .. omg <3
It is beautiful, I thought that with beastars I already had my furry euphoria but with this it is great.
Now i wanna be a beastman.
Maybe I can take advantage of seeing cells at work I have never seen her despite the fact that I already know the story and many of the characters like the loli Anone Anone !, And the truth at this point is an already quite famous anime like Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! or Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon.

And that would be the most interesting thing I can tell. As always my life is boring and I don't have much to tell.
Only one day last week I went to sleep at a friend's house, with all the precautions for the clear virus. Speaking of viruses yesterday, there was another case in my city after a good time without new cases, everyone thought that the virus was no longer very present. Apparently not.And that would be the most interesting thing I can tell.
As always my life is boring and I don't have much to tell. Only one day last week I went to sleep at a friend's house, with all the precautions for the clear virus.
Speaking of viruses yesterday, there was another case in my city after a good time without new cases, everyone thought that the virus was no longer very present. Apparently not.

27 Jun 2020

Wow I have left this part of the page somewhat abandoned. Beyond the last two articles that I have published, I have not written anything about the jounal.
And with good reason.Beyond working on the new design and learning a lot about css, and despite the fact that the design is crap It is much progress personally.
At the end of so many tutorials I could understand something, sometimes it is somewhat confusing when everyone explains differently.
Anyway, learning is learning.

These last days have passed a mixture of emotions ..
First of all, my friend is finally back! After months he has returned!It was something incredible truth, I missed her so much ^^:
But on the other hand, the atmosphere in my home is getting worse. Hope you can be at peace soon. And on the other hand ... I miss my friends, although it is a joy that one has already returned, I have not had communication with the others for different reasons ...The truth is a melting pot of emotions.

Today by the way after a long time, I wanted to advance a bad story I was doing a long time ago.
But as always I did not want to do it in word, since it is something that I really do not like to do. Word is more useful for me to do university work and documents, but not to write, I feel somewhat uncomfortable.
And it was worse when remembering that the program I had before had uninstalled it. So I had to download an opensource software called focuswriter.
It's very good, I plan to review it, it's worth using.

Local 58 and Analog Horror

Posted in 6 June of 2020

Many of them disturbing but one caught my attention, in fact it was the one that scared me the most, but more than that, how it was done was what captivated me, with a strong retro aesthetic influence of a video of an old and dark vhs. With this, I investigated about the original source of the video, although I saw where it came from in the thread and had seen it, I wanted to look for it, why? good for you to see how smart I am. In the end I searched and searched until I ended up in the channel where all this came from, Local58. Local58 is a channel that sadly has few videos but it is worth checking them out. All of them have the same aesthetic, A transmission from a television channel with a style of the 80s early 90s and all of them are a tv program. But even so it is still terrifying, local58 presents some very original stories, with a very interesting plot and details that make one pay attention to everything that happens on screen. The video that introduced me was Real Sleep, a local58 show that consisted of a program to improve sleep through certain steps that appeared on the screen.

For sure I can say that it was the thing that scared me the most since I was a child when I saw creepypastas and all those things from 2008 and it surpasses everything. How well does this all give enough immersion to give you progressive tension and fear without jumpscares?! Incredible! With this and after having seen all that local58 has to offer, I can say that this may be the path that the genre of terror has to follow. Something that bores me in Hollywood is how easy and repetitive and even tiring it can be said, is that it makes all the formulas it has for the different genres of cinema spend them until it is the last straw. In romance (although I don't like it) it is perhaps the most visible, most of the cliches are visible as soon as the story begins and ends as we all know. The same thing happens in terror, elements such as jumpscares, music rises out of nowhere to "scare the viewer" and that almost 99% of the films have to do with exorcisms, demons and occult things are very tiring, repetitive and nothing creative. Local58 was not only a channel where quality terror was uploaded, but it also gave way to a movement of many people that was inspired by it, it is what is called "Analog Horror".
Analog Horror is nothing more than a style of terror made by the people who were inspired by local58. Having that same aesthetic of a mysterious transmission from a television channel, with a lot of static noise, mysterious signals and a lot of symbolism and subliminal messages that make each work of this style have its own imprint, make it apart from being incredibly terrifying, Be% 1000 times more creative than anything Hollywood puts in a movie theater promising that it is the scariest and most expensive movie in movie history. And apart from that it does not enclose itself in topics worn by the cinema as the aforementioned exorcisms and even Satanism why not. Analog Horror explores some themes such as Mysterious Monsters, A notable influence of lovecraft, mysterious signs, mental and psychological experiments (such as Local58's Real Sleep), Cults that want to dominate the world, etc, etc. And that is only some that I have seen in the little that I am exploring this style ... I still cannot imagine what is in other projects. Yes, maybe you do not have a lot of budget, and maybe there are many of these that are not well done or are at the level of local58 but it does not mean that effort and creativity are not something that is not less, of course not. Many of these, like the Gemini project, have even put together their own arches and plots doing things very different from what is local58, with their own subliminal messages, gaps in the stories and plots that make the viewer join the pieces to complete the story.

If many anime and indie movies have given me hope that genres that I hate like romance are interesting with their new proposals and stories Analog horror is my hope that a genre that I do not like to see what terror is, is interesting. For someone like me who does not like to be scared (ironic) It is a quite refreshing change, which apparently is a style that is just being born and what little there are are only works made by anonymous users.If you want to explore this new "genre", here are some recommendations of what little I have seen.

Me and Cosplay

Posted in 31 May of 2020

Go a long time since I did not start writing something for the page and less for the blog, which in itself has become more of a personal diary than a blog despite the title.
I honestly missed writing something for my page, I feel like I have forgotten it for a while but there are very few ideas and time is limited. So I decided to write about different topics of my interest and my opinion about it. And the truth is that I thought I could say once and for all that I love cosplay and everything related.
The truth is that I have not done cosplay yet, I have only seen cosplayers through the forums of reddit, google and many other groups where they share cosplay of their favorite characters and also because of the only anime convention that I have attended, it was made in my city I think that It was in support of the firefighters [if I remember correctly] over there in 2018, a very nice experience, the truth, and I was even able to buy some things, few the truth, but being there was something beautiful. The idea of cosplay did not occur to me until the summer of this year, where I was finally able to work with my mother in a blueberry plantation, an effort that really made me think that I could finally acquire the things I wanted so much [Many of they are the reason why I created the Wishlist page]. It had not occurred to me before, why? I still don't know, but what I knew is that I wanted to do it ... or at least try it, once at least.
In case the idea behind the cosplay captivated me like the fursonas, reincarnate and give life to your favorite character and practically take his role and personality, which is not great ?! And more than anything to be able to enjoy that experience, it sounds like something worth living. Although the truth is that my idea is not to cosplay and go to a convention, it sounds interesting for some but it is not my style, not for someone like me who is not very social. In exchange I would only be a "room cosplayer" and my friends being the viewers, my family still think not, more than anything because I know that my mother would break the news to half the world and make me take pictures for everyone and maybe force myself to go out and show everyone. Maybe you see when I get used to it but not for now.
But the question that many will ask is: "What specific character do you want to cosplay as?" Well it's a difficult question, basically there are too many Although I do not know if there is a specific order, my idea for now is to decide it for the price more than anything and how "complex" it is, although that looks complicated, many of the characters that I like are not very complex in terms of design there are even characters that are easy to cosplay as is the case of Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil or even Ness from Earthbound.

Marco Ness

But if there was a list I think it would be something like this:

  • -Len Kagamine [Vocaloid]
  • -Nick Wilde [Zootopia]
  • -Legoshi [Beastars]
  • -Raymond [Animal Crossing]
  • -Sonic [Sonic The Hedgehog]
  • -Link [The Legend Of Zelda]
  • -Yuki [Mirai Nikki]
  • -Deku [Boku No hero Academia]
  • -Hatsune Miku Genderbend [Vocaloid]
  • -Robin Hood [Robin Hood 1973 Disney Film]
  • -Gumball [The Amazing World Of Gumball]
  • -Aikuro Mikisugi [Kill La kill]
  • -And Many, Many More..

If I know so, most of them are anthropomorphic animal characters but what did they expect from a furry huh?
Anyway ... to finish ... I hope to meet this "goal" very soon, I really wanted to be able to do it this year but with the theme of university, quarantine and the fact that I do not have enough money and that maybe you will I was saving to save what I have to spend, they make something difficult that can be fulfilled, at least for now because the truth is that this opportunity, like many, has been so close and so far at the same time.

21 May

Nothing has happened lately as usual. Another week more full of cold and homework. Spending days talking to my friends and listening to many albums. Almost everything perfect except for other factors that I will not say. But...
I don't remember what day it was exactly, I think it was Monday or maybe Tuesday, my mom and I were together, we were praying at night and suddenly she came out of nowhere and gave me a headpat, and it was great, an I felt soo good Damn. I should receive one at least during the week. I already feel like hugging, but I think one of those would be enough. I would like to tell my mom to give me one, but I guess she would not want to give me one that lasts more than 30 minutes unu And well .. Today? Uh .. well, my mom told me to make noodles for lunch Which is basically the only thing I know how to cook.I did it ... Basically alone, she only helped me in the last part but I was ready, it was just serving and that's it. She congratulated me that the noodles were delicious. And that he had cooking skills, so he was going to teach me to cook more things, I don't know, I really suppose I could have this hidden talent? It says the same thing when I fry eggs for breakfast. I guess I'll have to give it a try.

15 May

These week has been a little more active than normal, well more or less, it has been very quiet which I quite like, and finally last week [if I remember correctly] I could see another series after a long time, the task It stopped me but in the end I could see the new series of Ghost in the Shell on Netflix. By the way, I was not disappointed at all, I love it, I love the story and above all the new character designs. Especially the new design of the Mayor kusanagi, it looks super cute and super sexy.Totally recommended and I hope that a new season will come out, that in fact one should come out for reasons that I will not say so as not to give spoilers.
Beyond that, I started a new period in university, I think it will be easy. I will have programming and English, so I hope it is a good opportunity to improve my English, and that you can see that here on the page, since in case I use my English skills and the Google translator to try not to commit some mistake. Anyway, I hope he's not overburdened with homework like he was when the quarantine started Another thing that happened this week, which is more a great news, is that I had money saved from my salary from my summer job, I used it to help my mother but in the end she told me that I could spend it on what I would like. What does this mean? Is that I can finally buy something from the wishlist! So the dream of having my Len Kagamine cosplay becomes more possible to fulfill
But the most interesting thing that could have happened this month was yesterday, May 14. Finally after a long time I was able to speak with my dear friend, in fact it seems that these days we have spoken more than normal, it reminds me of the old days where I spoke all day with her. In short we talk about things in general and share a couple of memes and some other adorable ones like our style. To the point, I shared a meme where it said "I already put our two last names together and it sounds great". I never had but I did it in the chat .. And IT'S BEAUTIFUL, I can't believe that all this time it didn't occur to me to do it, it's so cute and pure ~ It was to such an extent, that yesterday I made an edit about it, representing a family where our two names were united. It is the most beautiful thing that has happened this week, and I think it will be something unforgettable. Cristina if you read this, you are great my friend ~

1-4 May 2020

These days not many interesting things have happened, at least not enough to make a blog post, There have been days when many ideas have occurred to me but there is not much content or time to develop them.
These days the idea of making a podcast has been in my mind again, I have wanted to do it for a long time or at least try it but the ideas are few to do it. Other than that, I've only been reliving old times by playing minecraft again, especially the first version and the only one I played for a long time, 1.5.2.
Yesterday above all, I spent a good time playing it, I am gathering the animals to create a farm, the truth is that I did not take screenshot basically because I did not plan to write for the blog.
Surely today I will play a bit before sleeping so I will take advantage of taking some screenshots uwu. And well today nothing has happened, except for checking the page of a user who is still here in neocities *cof* azuresylph *cof* I discovered a fantastic site called my videogame list, it is practically as bad but video game.
I barely discovered it and I already made an account. We will see how everything works in the future, apparently it is a small page that takes little time

Here´s My Profile If You want to see it

30-2 May 2020

Those days are really difficult, a ton of homework to do and a lot of things to learn and study, thats why i have this website so abandoned but at the same time i been listening a lot of interesting things,ike a few lolicore/breakcore albums, and i "revive" a genre who i left to listen to it a long time ago which is Shibuya-kei, Very cute and peaceful genre which i miss a lot.
Thanks to finding an album of that style I was finally able to pick up old sounds, especially 2 classic albums of Serani Poji. Very cute ^^ And another style who i listen to it so much those days and now are Atmospheric DnB/jungle, yeah i started to listen to it more than I already heard, things like Intense, Ecriss,etc.
But More that those genres mentioned before I listen A lot, But A LOT was Electro-Swing, i listen a lot, i dont remember the day who start with it but what does it matter, maybe I can become my main genre in the future

1 May 2020

Boring an after a long time i decided to make an Tumblr Account! The link its down but im gonna put it in the About Page Anyway, my post dont gonna be interesting but who cares.

Here my fancy Profile

19 April 2020

The loneliness atack me again.. I miss my friends..

18-19 April 2020

This days are kind of nostalic for me, because sudently i remember some name of my favorite flash games of my childhood.And well i spend a good couple of hours, playing 2 games and barely beat them for the first time in a long time. Today i revive other special game called bearbarians Cool game though!, i dont play it so much today but is enough to revive some good old times.Maybe one of this days i make an quick review of them

18 April 2020

Well, this find its not exactly form today, in fact, i dont remember the exact day of this discovery, but anyway, im gonna put this in this day of the blog. Anyway im find something really interesting on the web, more especifictly in the archive.org, if someone dosent know about archive.org, Is a web who is basicly the museum of the internet where there are many old files and even the old web. There is absolutely everything, music, movies, text, whatever.
I'm going to stop at the first point, since I stopped in the music section, and the truth has been there before since there are many projects and compilations of independent music, especially rare and underground things. And in one of those sections were files of pirated or recorded music from old vinyl pieces, very interesting, right? Well I discovered a person who recorded songs from the 20-40s. Something fascinating! The 40s is one of my favorite decades and I really loved it a lot, there are tons of classical, Hawaiian music, and the classic swing and big band jazz.

"If you interested in check those pieces, press here c;"

Here of my fav songs, enjoy :3

Also today, im instaled the port for android of Dune II port!. After many time i can play this awesome game again.

dune II

17 April 2020

I continue to improve the website And i end it to watch Re:Mind on netflix, the ending let me a bit confusing, i guess i need to watch again the final episode.
And the rain stop after 3 Days :c

16-17 April 2020

Nothing Awesome to anybody, but these days are finally Raining!!!
Finally, finally it has started to rain! I really missed it raining, supposedly these are the months when it should be raining even if it is autumn on this side of the world. Finally I can sleep peacefully at night with that beautiful sound of the drops hitting the ceiling. I hope the dark clouds stay for a long time.
At the moment of writing this post, the rain still falling meanwhile i listen plasic love by Mariya Takeuchi.