9 October 2021

On Wednesday i started to work after a long time, Literally since this summer This 3 last days were too tiring, the job is really easy (just fertilize cherry trees) but still be tiring, even in my summer work i never slept at 22:30 PM
I hope it is worth it, i mean very work is worth but u know... I hope i can buy something cool with my work, i hope i can buy some figurines or some cool tshirt Overall i enjoyed this in some way but despite i know everyone of my coworkers, i feel sometimes alone, this is where i wish i had some friend who stayed with me
I think the only negative factor of this is i cant update or write anything to this site, but at least i can made some dumb comments.

Finally Pt.2

I never imagined that I could do a second part of the last post. It's been a long time since my cosplay and robin hood movie arrived
But I guess good things always have a second part Anyway, I'm too excited because, again, I have something that I have wanted after a long time. It is only one thing but it is something valuable Too valuable, since like the cosplay that I wanted so much, on Tuesday I had something that I also wanted!

Anyway, just look at it! Look at it !! : 'D I finally have my shiny Ds Lite !!
Omg it looks super cute, whenever I saw it you could tell that it was very small and light, and actually it is but I didn't think that much, I guess that's why they released bigger versions later but it is not at all uncomfortable, at least is more portable compared to my nephew's nintendo switch.
So since June 2, 2020 I have finally been able to be addicted to video games in a new way and discover why I love them After a lot, in the end I can play video games that I have long wanted Like Metroid Hunters, Animal Crossing, and Kingdom Hearts Gta chinatown wars, sega all star racing, nintendogs and all that After Years! As a child I don't think I saw any Nintendo DS but I still feel back to 2006
It seems that I had combined with my 2006 self where I was only 5 years old and wanted to have a ps2 and play gta and need for speed all day but I only had a cheap chinese nes emulator console

Anyway, as soon as I took it out of the box, I started to play with it and since then I have not stopped I even made some drawing attempts in Mario 64 Ds

Even so I feel that I am too late, there are many things that I would like to try but that are almost obsolete, such as playing animal crossing with another person or speaking through pictochat
It is a bittersweet sensation, where all years ago they used it with friends and strangers around the world and now after 15 years I arrive at those places where there are only the remains of all those places where people had memories that marked their lives. It is a sensation similar to when you explore an abandoned minecraft server and where there are only the buildings of people who built memories and now they are only .. empty ..


Oh boi, finally i have time to update something here Its kinda sad that this page is really abandonated and nearly dead, but i dont have ideas to update any page here.. But most importantly i dont have enough time to write any decent thing... I hope in the future have more time to write something

But anyway The First Week of April something magical happened, Something Epic, i was a wonderful day, an special day for me
Why? Well when March started i save some money and bought Two.. no one, TWO beautifil things, two things what i wanted for a long time. First of All This

Oh yeah man, A robin hood Movie what i found really cheap on ebay, never was my intention of buying it but i cant resist Robin Hood was one of my fav movies of my childhood and one of my fav movies ever and maybe a pillar to became a furry.
Anyway its an honor to have it, My First Original and Fisical Movie i ever had and looks so cool i love wake up in the morning and see the cover on my desk (Becaus i dont have a shelf sadly). Was a good oportunity to watch Robin Hood Once again but in english because obviously i always watched the movie in spanish, and really was a beautiful experience i never imagine how cute the original voice acting is, especially Lady Marian, its cute in the spanish dub and even cute in the original. Really Lovely To hear Lady Marian how much loves Robin, when Robin Rescue Marian, the scene when robin and marian walk together under the Moon and The Final scene, OMG ITS SO LOVELY AND MAGICAL. And the other stuff on the dvd? The Alt Ending, The Songs, the trivia game and Some pics when they making the Movie?
Oh Boi, its really euphoric i cant imagine how could be this experience in my childhood but now im my 20s? is awesome, it was a beautifiul for my Robin Hood Fan Soul.

That dvd is great isn't it? Well it is not all, it is only the beginning because here is the "main attraction" and it is something that I have wanted for a long time and that I have practically commented on it since the creation of this site Here it is...

Oh yeah baby! My Len Cosplay .. At last! After so much effort I finally have it !!!!! I am very happy about that, I never thought the day would come but in the end it was possible, and well I couldn't wait to post this since it is something very special. I have never worn a cosplay before but the only thing I can say is that it is something magical, dressing up, taking possession of your character is something incredible Almost symbiotic like a fusion of body and soul, something great Now I can understand how many feel to be dressed up as their favorite character and it is something that everyone should do at least once. It's just fun, sadly I have no friends to cosplay so sharing this with someone is something that could not be done Although my nephew and my mother witnessed this transformation, although I wanted to keep this side a secret it was not, in fact my mother loved it. and that deep down makes me happy.
In conclusion Did I like cosplay? Do I want to continue doing it? YES

Happy New Year!!!!!

I know, I know, It has been a long time without adding a single entry on this page but it is for reasons that are beyond my control and that sadly left me with no other options than to stop writing. Many factors such as the fact that my university is being overloaded even more and the fact that I started working have made it almost impossible to go for a second to review neocities And creative support doesn't help much either. I really miss being here writing and exploring very personal places here in neocities, which at this point, has been my place where I can express myself and write more freely than a massive social network Beyond that, and beyond all the stress that happened last year (even now) It has been a good year. Work has been able to bring me rewards for all my efforts and thanks to this I was able to buy a large amount of what I had in my wishlist and even those that were not :D

Sadly I still don't have the cosplay unu but it is only due to the fact that I cannot take my measurements and because of the quarantine I have not been able to buy a tape.

Leaving me by my side.
I wish with all my heart that the people who follow this page and those who were here once have a nice 2021 Full of goals accomplished and much prosperity, And I also hope it is a year where we can fulfill our deepest dreams and wishes.
I hope I can write again and be here more often But until then, this will be a see you soon. With love, I say goodbye until the next occasion ...

11 August

Yesterday was Epic !! Finally, after many hours, effort and loss of patience I was able to win the super metroid. The ending was very satisfying, although I'm not sure I was able to save the animals: c It was a good experience, now I understand why it is one of the games to play in the super nintendo catalog. And the truth makes sense, in fact it doesn't seem like it was a game of its time, it's incredible.

What will be the next destination? Well apart from quake, it encourages me to play the metroid of gameboy advance and golf games? Like Mario golf or pga tour golf? I do not know

On the other hand I have been drawing a little these days. It is not too much but I still wanted to do it after a long time, that makes me think a bit about creating another page to upload the few drawings that I do as a method of creating a "database" or an "archive" Although I'm not sure about it, it doesn't sound like a good idea.
It should be noted that I am not a great draftsman either. But I try to do my best

Also, this post was going to be uploaded yesterday but I couldn't, so I had to write a pseudo html code in a notebook lol. Unconsciously it is a very good way to exercise html.

4 August

These days have been quite boring and somewhat worrying. My rhythm that I carry in the university does not convince me much, in addition to the fact that I am thinking of getting out of this, it is not so much because I do not like what I study, but rather the damn money and the pressure it exerts on me and on my mom. It's stressful ...
At least I must be thankful that unlike how the year started, full of pressure and tasks, I still only have one subject, so it has been something easy to handle

At least these days I have been able to play super metroid. I dared to play it after much thought, since I'm not good with metroidvania and that kind of games. But it was a very fun experience, I didn't think I would get so immersed in a super nintendo game. This encourages me to play the current metroidvania, as it seems to be one of those favorite genres of indie developers.


And also these days again the desire to learn some kind of poetry or haiku has returned. Although there is no reason to do so, perhaps it can serve to better express my emotions or my appreciations of things in a more "artistic" way.

In addition to learning to use a slingshot, throw darts and model in blender 3d.
It seems that I am getting very curious about many things eh.
Also, when I was writing this entry, did it occur to me to create a time capsule? what?

27 Jul

This last two nights I have slept very well, apparently it is because these two nights I have been hearing something that I had not done long ago. I like to hear ambient especially at night, it gives a peaceful and very magical atmosphere, it helps too much to sleep and it is something that I personally recommend to anyone making ambient a genre so much to hear it helps too much to sleep and to de-stress

I have been revisiting the aforementioned album in the previous blog post "Michael Stearns - Planetary Unfolding" and "Biosphere - Substrata" % 100 recommended to anyone who wants to start in ambient or just wants to hear something to sleep.

But that is not very important .. The most important thing is that finally after a long time, my friend and I finally spoke again. I am very happy, I missed her too much. It is a pity that we have such different and distant lives and that they do not fit to speak as we did before. I hope he says like this for a long time, even so distancing ourselves will be very difficult and that leaves me somewhat calm, knowing that a friendship is not fragile gives security.

And well apart from that, only the disappointment occurred to hear my mother who could not buy plushies :c.
Although I already knew it, it is still a sad thing to hear it since I expected him to change his mind or something All this happened when I was on AliExpress as always seeing interesting things. Like that beautiful plush len kagamine or Link, I think I will have to want again ...So I have to settle for watching collections on youtube again ..
But thanks to that I discovered a beautiful channel Apparently she loves animal crossing since most of what I've seen is about it, Gameplays, unboxing and all that.

She's so cute, I haven't explored her channel that much, but apparently its a really small starting channel.Not bad though, i love it
Also, his cosplay of isabelle is Adorable Af!, maybe one of the best cosplay i ever seen of isabelle, i hope see more videos of her in the future.

At least I have your approval to buy me this beautiful ushanka, If I can, it will be one of the first articles of the wishlist which I can buy ^^

24 July

These days i have more time for doing my things, the university class has enter to a "weird" period. I mean, nobody of my class know about what happend to the other subjects. I only have one, but don't think I'm complaining about it.

Finaly after really long time i have time to listen and explore some albums, lot of them are albums who i want to listen a long time, but for diferent reasons i just have to leave pending.
But was worth.. Really Worth, most of them are just Awesome!,well except for the Haunted Disco what i listen to the past month. They Are absolubty cool, the dj shadow album, even the radiohead album I really enjoyed hearing it very surprising because, im not a very fan of Alt Rock or those kind of sounds,but some electronic sound helped

And look who in the future exist more time to listen more albums, in fact while im writing this entry im listening an brian eno album. but it doesn't convince me much, sounds a bit boring, maybe i need to listen to it again.
And Finally i have time to working in more things about the site. Like somebody noticed, i write in the page, im working in a new template of about me page. Has a new design, dosent look awesome but its not crap, its something, but i least im trying thats important to a css noob.
I dont have enough "topics" to add and thats why I asked for your help. I hope i upload the page soon.

In the other side i want to start to watch those series who I have pending and starts other ones. I want to watch Darling in the fanxx or Cells at work. I dont know but i have the wishes.

17 Jul 2020

First of all before continuing to write the entry ..OMG 20 page followers? already? is seriously? I had never realized that there were 20 people following and seeing everything on this disgusting and ugly page.
Thank you very much to all the people who have left a message in the guestbook and Thank you very much everyone, seriously, us encourage me to continue writing despite the fact that this page is of a more personal nature.
Anyway lets continue with the entry

I've been obsessed with Dj Shadow's Midnight in a perfect world single lately. Instrumental hip hop like lofi hip hop is practically the only forms I hear hip hop.
And the truth, although I haven't heard much, I don't dislike it at all On the contrary, this track is too epic to be a 1996 single. It has left me excited to hear the album Endtroducing where it comes from. It also has a great story behind that maybe I can review it when I finish listening.
On the other hand I finally learned how to buy on aliexpress! :D
A long time ago I wanted to learn but the opportunity to ask someone had not presented itself, for obvious reasons, thanks to the different schedules and other distractions I could not ask or simply forgot.
Anyway, finally I could do it although I only made a "trial purchase" so as not to risk too much and see how everything "works". So buy a sd card and a yo-yo, that's right, a yo-yo.
I don't know how to use it very well, but it was cheap and it can be a good opportunity to learn how to use it and even learn some tricks

Also since yesterday I have been watching bna since I knew it will be our last month with netflix I only need 3 chapters although I already put a 5 on the rating page, since .. omg <3
It is beautiful, I thought that with beastars I already had my furry euphoria but with this it is great.
Now i wanna be a beastman.
Maybe I can take advantage of seeing cells at work I have never seen her despite the fact that I already know the story and many of the characters like the loli Anone Anone !, And the truth at this point is an already quite famous anime like Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! or Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon.

And that would be the most interesting thing I can tell. As always my life is boring and I don't have much to tell.
Only one day last week I went to sleep at a friend's house, with all the precautions for the clear virus. Speaking of viruses yesterday, there was another case in my city after a good time without new cases, everyone thought that the virus was no longer very present. Apparently not.And that would be the most interesting thing I can tell.
As always my life is boring and I don't have much to tell. Only one day last week I went to sleep at a friend's house, with all the precautions for the clear virus.
Speaking of viruses yesterday, there was another case in my city after a good time without new cases, everyone thought that the virus was no longer very present. Apparently not.

27 Jun 2020

Wow I have left this part of the page somewhat abandoned. Beyond the last two articles that I have published, I have not written anything about the jounal.
And with good reason.Beyond working on the new design and learning a lot about css, and despite the fact that the design is crap It is much progress personally.
At the end of so many tutorials I could understand something, sometimes it is somewhat confusing when everyone explains differently.
Anyway, learning is learning.

These last days have passed a mixture of emotions ..
First of all, my friend is finally back! After months he has returned!It was something incredible truth, I missed her so much ^^:
But on the other hand, the atmosphere in my home is getting worse. Hope you can be at peace soon. And on the other hand ... I miss my friends, although it is a joy that one has already returned, I have not had communication with the others for different reasons ...The truth is a melting pot of emotions.

Today by the way after a long time, I wanted to advance a bad story I was doing a long time ago.
But as always I did not want to do it in word, since it is something that I really do not like to do. Word is more useful for me to do university work and documents, but not to write, I feel somewhat uncomfortable.
And it was worse when remembering that the program I had before had uninstalled it. So I had to download an opensource software called focuswriter.
It's very good, I plan to review it, it's worth using.

Local 58 and Analog Horror

Posted in 6 June of 2020

Many of them disturbing but one caught my attention, in fact it was the one that scared me the most, but more than that, how it was done was what captivated me, with a strong retro aesthetic influence of a video of an old and dark vhs. With this, I investigated about the original source of the video, although I saw where it came from in the thread and had seen it, I wanted to look for it, why? good for you to see how smart I am. In the end I searched and searched until I ended up in the channel where all this came from, Local58. Local58 is a channel that sadly has few videos but it is worth checking them out. All of them have the same aesthetic, A transmission from a television channel with a style of the 80s early 90s and all of them are a tv program. But even so it is still terrifying, local58 presents some very original stories, with a very interesting plot and details that make one pay attention to everything that happens on screen. The video that introduced me was Real Sleep, a local58 show that consisted of a program to improve sleep through certain steps that appeared on the screen.

For sure I can say that it was the thing that scared me the most since I was a child when I saw creepypastas and all those things from 2008 and it surpasses everything. How well does this all give enough immersion to give you progressive tension and fear without jumpscares?! Incredible! With this and after having seen all that local58 has to offer, I can say that this may be the path that the genre of terror has to follow. Something that bores me in Hollywood is how easy and repetitive and even tiring it can be said, is that it makes all the formulas it has for the different genres of cinema spend them until it is the last straw. In romance (although I don't like it) it is perhaps the most visible, most of the cliches are visible as soon as the story begins and ends as we all know. The same thing happens in terror, elements such as jumpscares, music rises out of nowhere to "scare the viewer" and that almost 99% of the films have to do with exorcisms, demons and occult things are very tiring, repetitive and nothing creative. Local58 was not only a channel where quality terror was uploaded, but it also gave way to a movement of many people that was inspired by it, it is what is called "Analog Horror".
Analog Horror is nothing more than a style of terror made by the people who were inspired by local58. Having that same aesthetic of a mysterious transmission from a television channel, with a lot of static noise, mysterious signals and a lot of symbolism and subliminal messages that make each work of this style have its own imprint, make it apart from being incredibly terrifying, Be% 1000 times more creative than anything Hollywood puts in a movie theater promising that it is the scariest and most expensive movie in movie history. And apart from that it does not enclose itself in topics worn by the cinema as the aforementioned exorcisms and even Satanism why not. Analog Horror explores some themes such as Mysterious Monsters, A notable influence of lovecraft, mysterious signs, mental and psychological experiments (such as Local58's Real Sleep), Cults that want to dominate the world, etc, etc. And that is only some that I have seen in the little that I am exploring this style ... I still cannot imagine what is in other projects. Yes, maybe you do not have a lot of budget, and maybe there are many of these that are not well done or are at the level of local58 but it does not mean that effort and creativity are not something that is not less, of course not. Many of these, like the Gemini project, have even put together their own arches and plots doing things very different from what is local58, with their own subliminal messages, gaps in the stories and plots that make the viewer join the pieces to complete the story.

If many anime and indie movies have given me hope that genres that I hate like romance are interesting with their new proposals and stories Analog horror is my hope that a genre that I do not like to see what terror is, is interesting. For someone like me who does not like to be scared (ironic) It is a quite refreshing change, which apparently is a style that is just being born and what little there are are only works made by anonymous users.If you want to explore this new "genre", here are some recommendations of what little I have seen.

Me and Cosplay

Posted in 31 May of 2020

Go a long time since I did not start writing something for the page and less for the blog, which in itself has become more of a personal diary than a blog despite the title.
I honestly missed writing something for my page, I feel like I have forgotten it for a while but there are very few ideas and time is limited. So I decided to write about different topics of my interest and my opinion about it. And the truth is that I thought I could say once and for all that I love cosplay and everything related.
The truth is that I have not done cosplay yet, I have only seen cosplayers through the forums of reddit, google and many other groups where they share cosplay of their favorite characters and also because of the only anime convention that I have attended, it was made in my city I think that It was in support of the firefighters [if I remember correctly] over there in 2018, a very nice experience, the truth, and I was even able to buy some things, few the truth, but being there was something beautiful. The idea of cosplay did not occur to me until the summer of this year, where I was finally able to work with my mother in a blueberry plantation, an effort that really made me think that I could finally acquire the things I wanted so much [Many of they are the reason why I created the Wishlist page]. It had not occurred to me before, why? I still don't know, but what I knew is that I wanted to do it ... or at least try it, once at least.
In case the idea behind the cosplay captivated me like the fursonas, reincarnate and give life to your favorite character and practically take his role and personality, which is not great ?! And more than anything to be able to enjoy that experience, it sounds like something worth living. Although the truth is that my idea is not to cosplay and go to a convention, it sounds interesting for some but it is not my style, not for someone like me who is not very social. In exchange I would only be a "room cosplayer" and my friends being the viewers, my family still think not, more than anything because I know that my mother would break the news to half the world and make me take pictures for everyone and maybe force myself to go out and show everyone. Maybe you see when I get used to it but not for now.
But the question that many will ask is: "What specific character do you want to cosplay as?" Well it's a difficult question, basically there are too many Although I do not know if there is a specific order, my idea for now is to decide it for the price more than anything and how "complex" it is, although that looks complicated, many of the characters that I like are not very complex in terms of design there are even characters that are easy to cosplay as is the case of Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil or even Ness from Earthbound.

Marco Ness

But if there was a list I think it would be something like this:

  • -Len Kagamine [Vocaloid]
  • -Nick Wilde [Zootopia]
  • -Legoshi [Beastars]
  • -Raymond [Animal Crossing]
  • -Sonic [Sonic The Hedgehog]
  • -Link [The Legend Of Zelda]
  • -Yuki [Mirai Nikki]
  • -Deku [Boku No hero Academia]
  • -Hatsune Miku Genderbend [Vocaloid]
  • -Robin Hood [Robin Hood 1973 Disney Film]
  • -Gumball [The Amazing World Of Gumball]
  • -Aikuro Mikisugi [Kill La kill]
  • -And Many, Many More..

If I know so, most of them are anthropomorphic animal characters but what did they expect from a furry huh?
Anyway ... to finish ... I hope to meet this "goal" very soon, I really wanted to be able to do it this year but with the theme of university, quarantine and the fact that I do not have enough money and that maybe you will I was saving to save what I have to spend, they make something difficult that can be fulfilled, at least for now because the truth is that this opportunity, like many, has been so close and so far at the same time.

21 May

Nothing has happened lately as usual. Another week more full of cold and homework. Spending days talking to my friends and listening to many albums. Almost everything perfect except for other factors that I will not say. But...
I don't remember what day it was exactly, I think it was Monday or maybe Tuesday, my mom and I were together, we were praying at night and suddenly she came out of nowhere and gave me a headpat, and it was great, an I felt soo good Damn. I should receive one at least during the week. I already feel like hugging, but I think one of those would be enough. I would like to tell my mom to give me one, but I guess she would not want to give me one that lasts more than 30 minutes unu And well .. Today? Uh .. well, my mom told me to make noodles for lunch Which is basically the only thing I know how to cook.I did it ... Basically alone, she only helped me in the last part but I was ready, it was just serving and that's it. She congratulated me that the noodles were delicious. And that he had cooking skills, so he was going to teach me to cook more things, I don't know, I really suppose I could have this hidden talent? It says the same thing when I fry eggs for breakfast. I guess I'll have to give it a try.

15 May

These week has been a little more active than normal, well more or less, it has been very quiet which I quite like, and finally last week [if I remember correctly] I could see another series after a long time, the task It stopped me but in the end I could see the new series of Ghost in the Shell on Netflix. By the way, I was not disappointed at all, I love it, I love the story and above all the new character designs. Especially the new design of the Mayor kusanagi, it looks super cute and super sexy.Totally recommended and I hope that a new season will come out, that in fact one should come out for reasons that I will not say so as not to give spoilers.
Beyond that, I started a new period in university, I think it will be easy. I will have programming and English, so I hope it is a good opportunity to improve my English, and that you can see that here on the page, since in case I use my English skills and the Google translator to try not to commit some mistake. Anyway, I hope he's not overburdened with homework like he was when the quarantine started Another thing that happened this week, which is more a great news, is that I had money saved from my salary from my summer job, I used it to help my mother but in the end she told me that I could spend it on what I would like. What does this mean? Is that I can finally buy something from the wishlist! So the dream of having my Len Kagamine cosplay becomes more possible to fulfill
But the most interesting thing that could have happened this month was yesterday, May 14. Finally after a long time I was able to speak with my dear friend, in fact it seems that these days we have spoken more than normal, it reminds me of the old days where I spoke all day with her. In short we talk about things in general and share a couple of memes and some other adorable ones like our style. To the point, I shared a meme where it said "I already put our two last names together and it sounds great". I never had but I did it in the chat .. And IT'S BEAUTIFUL, I can't believe that all this time it didn't occur to me to do it, it's so cute and pure ~ It was to such an extent, that yesterday I made an edit about it, representing a family where our two names were united. It is the most beautiful thing that has happened this week, and I think it will be something unforgettable. Cristina if you read this, you are great my friend ~

1-4 May 2020

These days not many interesting things have happened, at least not enough to make a blog post, There have been days when many ideas have occurred to me but there is not much content or time to develop them.
These days the idea of making a podcast has been in my mind again, I have wanted to do it for a long time or at least try it but the ideas are few to do it. Other than that, I've only been reliving old times by playing minecraft again, especially the first version and the only one I played for a long time, 1.5.2.
Yesterday above all, I spent a good time playing it, I am gathering the animals to create a farm, the truth is that I did not take screenshot basically because I did not plan to write for the blog.
Surely today I will play a bit before sleeping so I will take advantage of taking some screenshots uwu. And well today nothing has happened, except for checking the page of a user who is still here in neocities *cof* azuresylph *cof* I discovered a fantastic site called my videogame list, it is practically as bad but video game.
I barely discovered it and I already made an account. We will see how everything works in the future, apparently it is a small page that takes little time

HereĀ“s My Profile If You want to see it

30-2 May 2020

Those days are really difficult, a ton of homework to do and a lot of things to learn and study, thats why i have this website so abandoned but at the same time i been listening a lot of interesting things,ike a few lolicore/breakcore albums, and i "revive" a genre who i left to listen to it a long time ago which is Shibuya-kei, Very cute and peaceful genre which i miss a lot.
Thanks to finding an album of that style I was finally able to pick up old sounds, especially 2 classic albums of Serani Poji. Very cute ^^ And another style who i listen to it so much those days and now are Atmospheric DnB/jungle, yeah i started to listen to it more than I already heard, things like Intense, Ecriss,etc.
But More that those genres mentioned before I listen A lot, But A LOT was Electro-Swing, i listen a lot, i dont remember the day who start with it but what does it matter, maybe I can become my main genre in the future

1 May 2020

Boring an after a long time i decided to make an Tumblr Account! The link its down but im gonna put it in the About Page Anyway, my post dont gonna be interesting but who cares.

Here my fancy Profile

19 April 2020

The loneliness atack me again.. I miss my friends..

18-19 April 2020

This days are kind of nostalic for me, because sudently i remember some name of my favorite flash games of my childhood.And well i spend a good couple of hours, playing 2 games and barely beat them for the first time in a long time. Today i revive other special game called bearbarians Cool game though!, i dont play it so much today but is enough to revive some good old times.Maybe one of this days i make an quick review of them

18 April 2020

Well, this find its not exactly form today, in fact, i dont remember the exact day of this discovery, but anyway, im gonna put this in this day of the blog. Anyway im find something really interesting on the web, more especifictly in the archive.org, if someone dosent know about archive.org, Is a web who is basicly the museum of the internet where there are many old files and even the old web. There is absolutely everything, music, movies, text, whatever.
I'm going to stop at the first point, since I stopped in the music section, and the truth has been there before since there are many projects and compilations of independent music, especially rare and underground things. And in one of those sections were files of pirated or recorded music from old vinyl pieces, very interesting, right? Well I discovered a person who recorded songs from the 20-40s. Something fascinating! The 40s is one of my favorite decades and I really loved it a lot, there are tons of classical, Hawaiian music, and the classic swing and big band jazz.

"If you interested in check those pieces, press here c;"

Here of my fav songs, enjoy :3

Also today, im instaled the port for android of Dune II port!. After many time i can play this awesome game again.

dune II

17 April 2020

I continue to improve the website And i end it to watch Re:Mind on netflix, the ending let me a bit confusing, i guess i need to watch again the final episode.
And the rain stop after 3 Days :c

16-17 April 2020

Nothing Awesome to anybody, but these days are finally Raining!!!
Finally, finally it has started to rain! I really missed it raining, supposedly these are the months when it should be raining even if it is autumn on this side of the world. Finally I can sleep peacefully at night with that beautiful sound of the drops hitting the ceiling. I hope the dark clouds stay for a long time.
At the moment of writing this post, the rain still falling meanwhile i listen plasic love by Mariya Takeuchi.