About the Webmaster

Welcome Traveller, Im the Webmaster, You can Call me Alex or Robin If you want. Im a unknown asocial guy from Chile and I have 20 Years Old.
I Always liked the idea to have my space on the internet, and many years i searched by a place where i can be myself and write or record about the stuff that i love so much, i had a mini blog before on Blogger but i deleted by reasons. And after years I finally came here, a place where i can say "This is my home" Neocities was a good reason to learn some Html and Css code, and after two years im still being not an expert but at least i enjoyed a lot writing things
I love listen to music a lot from Melodic to weird stuff, play videogames and watch movies, and do cosplay (I just have one Len Kagamine Cosplay, but i want MORE)
I love coldness, rain and animals, also Im a furry since 2018 (or 2019, more or less).

Some of my Likes

Music Trance, Vaporwave, Breakcore, Mallsoft, Drum and Bass, IDM, Techno, Lolicore, J-Pop, Synthwave/Darksynth, Dreampunk, Ambient
Videogames Metroid, League of Legends, Super Animal Royale, Brawlhalla, Minecraft, Metal Slug, Sonic
Movies Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Matrix, Robin Hood(Disney), Zootopia
Fav Animals Foxes, Red Pandas, Doggos, Cats, Racoons, ferrets, Pandas, deers
Series BNA, Aggretsuko, Sonic Boom, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Dragon Prince, Kill la Kill, Mirai Nikki, Stranger Things
Fav Color Blue~