Fashion Corner


Welcome to my little fashion corner! a new corner of my virtual bunker, a place where i can talk about fashion or maybe aesthethics (why not, maybe in the future i can talk about that)

Why this page?

Why the creation of this you maybe asking, well i have a lot of though about fashion and diferent Clothing styles many thoughs of one of them
So I gonna try to concentrate everything here, in one space like the others pages.

Why I do Like Fashion?

Other thing that you maybe asking its why came from this "love" or interest for the fashion?
Well i not have interest of the "fashion itself" like, idk, The Current Fashion Trend between men or Victoria Secret or things like that because most of the time are boring, strandarized and looks so plastic and fake but i have interest in fashion like lolita or Decora or Styles so crazy, pretty and unique.
This interest of other fashion or subcultures and why not A different kind of lifestyle maybe came when my interest in cosplay came on my life (i write about that when i post my fist cosplay photo in the blog) and so on searching for more awesome cosplays i cross with those styles,at least thats my theory but who cares. Maybe i should write an entire blog talking more deaper on this topic but i a few word i just love them because are different, fun, without those boring dressing "rules" making something new, and hell, they look cool.