The Codex


Scarlet "The Vixen Metalhead"

Scarlet the Young Vixen, was the eternal best friend of Alex and had a shot romance with him.
Shes a quiet, optimistic and happy girl. Despite that she Love Darker music genres like Death Metal or Grindcore being this her way to vent all her rage and negativity
Thanks to that she started to play guitar at the age of 13 And have a notable skills playing it
She started Composed and released her first Album "Tales of Steel and Fire" which relates all her adventures in the Magical Island

Prince Ranvel "The Brave Guardian"

Princess Alice "The Princess from Candyland"

Alice is the Princess of the Kingdom of "Ridenfall" better known in the island by the name of "Candyland" because the adiction of Princess Alice for the Candies, eating an unhealthy quantity of Chocolates, lollipops, gummy bears among others.
Because of that her parents are always concerned by her health and always say to her to eat sweet fruits.
She Always carries a broken lollipop as a Weapon being surprisingly very deadly in combat

Alex "The Revenant"

Alex is a normal guy who lives to play videogames and listen to music all day long, in fact scarlet found in Alex besides being a good friend found a golden mine and a great opportunity to discover more sounds beyond her radar. His life was very normal until Scarlet came in his life, being the start of many adventures After his Adventure in the island he transformed into a "therion", being transformed from an Human to an Anthropomorphic Fox

Oliver "The Eternal Partner"

The Lonely Oliver is a bunny who search an oportunity in his emotional and laboral Life, He Started to study as an traslator in an University in Tokio, Place where He Meet Alex, Where he find a strong Friendship and later an Epic Adventure beyond the oceans.

Evelyn "The Dark Elf"

Anastasia "The Survivor"

Amelie "The Brave Daugher of the gods"

Alicia "The Lonely Girl"

Yuriko "The sanctuary priestess Guardian"

Adrian "The King without Kingdom"


Prince Ranvel mentions the existance "Yordles" in the island Kingdom

Anastasia Breaks the Wall in the "Awakening of the dead" "I Dont know, but reminds me to those George Romero Movies that my husband mitchel use to watch"

Oliver in the tokyo story dialogue with Alex (My main OC) mentions Len kagamine "Idk why Alex, but i want to be same as cute like that banana boy that appears on those massive shows"

Scarlet in the day before the great battle makes a mention to the "Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven!" album of her favorite band "Godspeed You! Black Emperor" "I feel so tired.. I want to go home, i dont want to die alone in this island, i dont want to lose you Alex My darling... Sometimes i feel like i should rise my Arms to the Sky... Like Antennas to heaven"

In The Story Of Amelie, Theres an Literature club where a girl with Pink Hair sales cupcakes

An "The Orb" Reference appears at the begining of the story "Theres a lot of little fluffy clouds, is the most Beautiful sky ive ever seen"


The name of Scarlets weapon is called "Hellhammer"

Princess Alice wears a Lolita style Dress

Alex's sister gave him a dreamcast console

Oliver always wears something yellow

Prince Ranvel Loves the night and stay awake until the morning