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A 3 Year Adventure, My Lonely Corner Aniversary!

I cant believe that passed 3 years already since i created one simple green themed page just for messing arround with basic HTML Was really fun, and kind of addictive. I still remember those first days, where i stayed all night coding and messing arround with adjusting the size of the icons and text without know anything about css, just changing colors and playing with fonts. And well its impressive that something who started like a other learning proyect ended in the creation of my small space in the digital world And what a journey, having now
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Ok, i had to say something since a long time i wanted to say I really dont feel really confortable with those numbers, like always i prefer to "stay Underground" not be the focus of attention and just stay in my corner, more views means that you are more visible to the point that in some moment you will apear in the front page and that idea scares me. I know Neocities is not a popular place like other social media (Thank God) but being popular is not gud lol I know its a factor that is out of my hands and something innevitable but still.
But at the same time, i cant believe, I really cant belive how many people actually like my stuff, no seriously is kinda shoking that random people in the internet like my poor writing and cheap Post, is like what the hell man.
I know i should do something more special for this 4 year aniversary but, i guess is appropiate to do a retrospective and speak more about my "present status" Has been a beautiful Journey with many bug fixed and pages created.

But after all I want to give a big thank you to all those people that visited and supported this page since their crappy beginings Since Hifumi, Koinuko, Turd, plasticdino, holeinmyheart to the legends that arent active here anymore like pernoctalian or Sluglaw
I just love you all, thank you to give like to my crappy 4 month hiatus updates and thank you to give like to all my crap posts.
I love you with all my heart.

"Liminal Garden" - An the Ecological Vision of Vaporwave

Vaporwave defenily has been one of the most innovative genres of this milleniumm, since 2010 vaporwave has been a factory of new ideas, aesthetics and vision about music and many subgenres has been born because those new ideas
And product of those new ideas, artist has been searched and builded new places to store and spread their sound. Vaporwave is house of the most Iconic and creative labels in existance From Dream Catalogue responsable of release some of the biggest juggernauts albums in nearly every vaporwave subgenre and being home of the first steps of Dreampunk, Beer on the rug who was one of the pioneers, Casual Buisness home of future funk, no problema tapes, etc,etc
In this resent years One guy came with a new fresh vision of Vaporwave, a new sound and a new Philosophy That Guy took his green flag and Build his new Home called "Liminal Garden" and started spreading the new vision of vaporwave, "Naturewave". Naturewave is the oppose vision of Vaporwave, while vaporwave born to create a futuristic, nostalgic, dreamy and Ethereal vision Naturewave take the sound to a more organic and ecological place with the idea to conect music and create a close relationship between the listener and Nature
Liminal Garden Is not the Inventor of this microgenre, style or whatever thing is this New Sound, Liminal Garden Definetly has an unique sound putting in a blender New Age and Ambient Sounds to create kind of spiritual ambianses and Zen like Moods
Its impressive how in just a couple of years this labels has creating pure dream soundtracks, just having 18 releases in their catalog every one of them has something to say like a door to another world, Like Alicia where everyplace has distint from one another
I Personally think that their first release is the Anthem and the best descriptor of this label, "Channel of Dreams -Existence / meditation" A perfect Zen Ambient Album with two Songs of 30 Min that create one of the most peaceful Ambiace ive ever heard of An Vaporwave Release, the best descriptor i can think of its just Telepath but organic
And thats the Best part of this, because and the end of the day Liminal Garden is Home of the most beautiful, Celestial And Peaceful music ive ever head in many years listening this kind of music and not only that but their physical releases are a pure piece of Art!. thats another thing that Liminal garden is Unique, Their Cassettes Designs are the most original and probably theyre are the most unique cassettes in history, Seriously have You ever seen a Cassette like this?

Cute High Earth Defense Club love (First Impressions Episode 1-7)

After all these months watchin this show i finally.. FINALLY can write about it Because OMG.... OMG this show is Awesome
I Started to watch Cute High Earth Defence at the beginning of this month but i finally can write my impressions after all this time because Damn work First of all, to every one of you, why the hell this is so underrated? why shows like this are so hidden? Maybe because the effect that more "mainstream" shows provoke in other series or maybe because theres a ton of Magical Girls Series with the same plot Cute High Earth Defense Club love is a great parody of magical girls, one of the really well done parodies of the monotonous Magical Girl Genre joining with series like madoka to Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt
But with Boys, Yep the Magical Boys genre is born baby and its epic, its better than u can actually imagine when you read it, in fact in those 7 episode ive never seen a single girl in any minute maybe this is the reverse world of Love live where everybody are girls
The plot of every episode (At least from 1 to 7) is a very funny parody of every magical girls plot,really it dosent change anything is the typical "oh no bad edgy enemies what to kill us all, we must beat them with the power of love, die bad guy, phew phew phew, oh did u know that frustration and negativity is not gud? we won yeeeee" and its hillarious and makes a good job to not make everything so serious, in fact has a lot of comedy and jokes with some really wholesome and sweet moments Even when they meet the typical sweet monster (You know that one that makes our protagonist heroes), the jokes dosent stop in fact they call him "Wombat", Now thats funny
All characters have some enormeous cosplay potential omg, its unbelieveable, and all are memorable they actually made a great job in this regard Man this show has everything, cute characters, its funny as hell, great desings, It even has An Male Idol Intro, it has everything! I hope i can have some time to continue to watch this show again I cant wait to see how this beautiful mess ends, Idk if this has a second season but if is not, my god I NEED ANOTHER SEASON

My new "Obsesion" with Gamer Magazines

I awaken again in me the desire to have a magazine in my hands again, one that is not national geographic Honestly for a long time I have wanted to have a gamer magazine in my hands, I remember that always and to this day I looked forward to the covers where link or kirby and other great games appeared when walking, it was something great to see I remember that whenever I am going to walk around the city I see some old numbers of "club nintendo" in the newspaper stands (club nintendo is basically "nintendo power" btw) but I would like to see if there are other platforms or gaming in general, since it seems that here nintendo club was popular because it is super easy to find

Unfortunately PC Gamer and many great magazines do not arrive here in Chile, I suppose that also the cost of shipping will not be cheap like almost all good things from Foreign and apparently there are no numbers in Spanish. And thas sad because they have great covers, in fact today I looked for the value of the subscription and a number with venti appeared on the main cover

Anyway, I hope to have one soon, I am determined when I have time I will take a long walk until I find an interesting magazine, I suppose that as it is my own I will upload an article when I have one, i should look more in depth in those second hand book stores tho
Oh btw all this started again by LGR, a youtuber that i follow who talks about old tech and games, hes really intereting u should watch his videos, I woke up this morning and a video of his appeared in the recommended ones where he ordered his pc games magazines from 99 to 2002

Parappa The Anime(First Impressions)

This Gonna be a Quick Opinion about "PaRappa the Rapper" The anime of Parappa released back in 2001 and discovered by me at the start of this week

I just Have Watched the First 3 episodes and OMG This Show is A GEM, A Hidden Gem! Man i miss shows like this, i havent see anything similar since Hey Arnold in the sense of none continuity between episodes and each one happen something and our hero and his friends try to save the day The Characters are cool, parappa is really sweet and have a cute voice, same as the others characters showing in every episode and despite their own Personality none of them become irritating or something similar except for one that would be the as*h*le of the show
And Have some Funny and Cute situations like The Crushes of Parappa, his thoughts on who would marrying with him in the future or his dreams, its so wholesome Its like a breeze of fresh air, theres a lack of shows like this nowdays in general, thats why im glad to see wholesome shows and moments in series today like kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon or Similars And the animations is just awesome and everything is colorful with that Childish Crayon Backgrounds and painting
Just for curiosity, there in CN USA or UK this was broadcasted? Because omg this show screams that early 2000s CN Show, like, idk... Teen Titans or Hi Puffy AmiYumi or something like that have that vibes but at the same time i dont believe it, because all the episodes in youtube are practically translated by fans
And Finally i see a Catchy Anime Intro in a long time, thank god studios like Trigger do catchy and awesome Intros because A lot of intros that ive seen are just meh and "Easy to Skip" And the Outro? Oh boi... I wanna have that banger as a ringtone
Parappa You won my heart, Prepare yourself! because im gonna watch all your 30 Episodes

A Furry Story

(Inspired in "How i became a Weeb" Post of Hifumi)

How i became a furry? Well thats a good question, even myself can decide the point of start

But like always everything start in the beautiful days of 2004-2006 more or less, a beautiful time where the sun was shiny, movies and cartoons were in the tv all day long on weekends and DVD was a new thing (My love for anime start here too)
Because my parents were outside all day long in the job, my mom decided to buy a sony dvd player for me and my sister. My sister had a friend who sell *ehem* backups of movies *cof* and she and my mother They buy a lot of movies from him since they sell them very cheap in those glorious DVD-R of 4GB and 320p of video

Here i practically watch a lot of great movies from shrek 2 to cars
You ever heard that phase of "Disney made furries" well its true but they shouldn't just blame disney, dreamworks has some responsability too
"Balto", "Robin Hood", "Kung Fu Panda", "Searchin Nemo", "Ice age", "brother bear", "over the hedge", "Bambi"
all of them and even more movies are like the "proto furry age" of my life, was really a blast, animals doing awesome stuff and being protagonist of awesome stories? man i really enjoyed a lot this time, watching movies after class everyday and night.

After that many things ocurred a lot of personal pain and darkness, so many painful shit began arround my 9-10 years old For those reasons my mom and I went to live a year in the capital and there i just watched a lot of Cartoon and Anime at Cartoon network (basically that was my Cartoon/Anime era)

Then I came back to my house And then in 2011-2012 the second "wave" of furriness started, and now was responsability of my Mom, let me explain, at that time my mom find a job of baby sitter, I was practically alone most of the time at home until very late and where the company I had was only my movies and television but sometimes my mom took me to that house and well I accompanied the little girl to watch tv
There Disney attacked Again and there i discovered some cool movies who i never heard before like "The Rescuers Down Under" or "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" and "House of Mouse" and my mom continued to buy me more cds movies like "Marmaduke", "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" and "Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole"
Was A Blast, enough to forget my loneliness and the new dark times who appeared at school.

And after that, well theres no more, my mom stop of buying dvds, my nephew broke the cd player, the tv turned into visual crap and i didnt have internet arround this time so.. that was the end and even when i get internet i discovered other things and began my own exploration to the virtual world of internet. And after all years there arround 2017-2018 a new word came in to invade my life, inumerable posts, comments, videos where the word "Furry" was mentioned at least once, everywhere when somebody was talking about Pokemon, Digimon, Devianart or similars that damn word was there, So for my peace of mind i did a quick search on Google and was like..

I fell in love at first sight! my apretiation for the "talking animals" just explode and it didn't take a month or two and I already had fursona, furry stuff and everything (except fursuit But the mayority of the fandom dosent have one so..)

Than that same day in february of 2018 I Became A Furry and Since then im happy of discover this before i die... So.. Yeah! at this point im a completly furry, I'm not super into the fandom, I'm just on furries reddit and I follow fursuiters on facebook but thanks to the community i discovered so many good stuff.
You can belive in 2020 i discovered Fantastic Mr Fox?! man could be beautiful to watch it in my childhood, its my fav movie its so sad i didnt know anything for this movie at the time.
The future looks bright for furries, with a lot of movies with more anthropomorphic animals form indie filmakers, to hollywood and now weebs and furries has some good Anime with anthros like Beastars, BNA And Aggretsuko and I keep watching and discovering all those missed movies from my childhood with cool video quality.

Thanks to read this boring story if you read this completly of course It wasnt too interesting honestly, was more a introspective

My Kingdom

These weeks I have had an idea that has been a lot on my mind I've been wondering what someone or myself could do when you feel down or wonder if you belong somewhere Idk why honestly, but the truth I suppose that it is something that will always come up in some part of our lives either by introspection or maybe just analyzing what has happened a bit in life, something normal I suppose, it must be something like envy or the wrath I don't know why, but I told myself "Hey! What would happen if I make my own kingdom? Since I like fantasy or I want to make something of my own, why not a kingdom?" Some strange things that come to me out of nowhere, but that idea has been in my brain for weeks I mean, it can't be difficult, obviously I couldn't have a real kingdom with servants or a castle because it's almost impossible to achieve. But I said to myself "I can make a badge .. or I can make a flag, put some symbol, draw it somewhere and put it on some piece of wood, cosplaying wirt and wander through the woods, put some Ambient in my headphones" Although later I thought, is the fantasy making my brain fail or something? The truth is that it sounds very fanciful and at my age almost impossible to do, maybe my mother would laugh a little and people would see me as someone childish and immature Also sadly around where I live there are no forests, there are not many trees left of the ones that were left before, I also do not have a space to do it, nor money to invest in a new cosplay, how could I do all that when now my life forces me to get rid of What do I love to start a dark life full of work and obligations and the pressure to do things right drives me crazy? Maybe it is something that in the future I can consider doing But maybe it's just a crazy idea, a bit beautiful, but I guess I'm many years late Goodbye goodbye my inner child, I will miss you with all my heart when dark adulthood takes hold of me, but as long as I have my passions, I will not let you die, not so easy, maybe I will fulfill it in a future time.