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My Kingdom

These weeks I have had an idea that has been a lot on my mind I've been wondering what someone or myself could do when you feel down or wonder if you belong somewhere Idk why honestly, but the truth I suppose that it is something that will always come up in some part of our lives either by introspection or maybe just analyzing what has happened a bit in life, something normal I suppose, it must be something like envy or the wrath I don't know why, but I told myself "Hey! What would happen if I make my own kingdom? Since I like fantasy or I want to make something of my own, why not a kingdom?" Some strange things that come to me out of nowhere, but that idea has been in my brain for weeks I mean, it can't be difficult, obviously I couldn't have a real kingdom with servants or a castle because it's almost impossible to achieve. But I said to myself "I can make a badge .. or I can make a flag, put some symbol, draw it somewhere and put it on some piece of wood, cosplaying wirt and wander through the woods, put some Ambient in my headphones" Although later I thought, is the fantasy making my brain fail or something? The truth is that it sounds very fanciful and at my age almost impossible to do, maybe my mother would laugh a little and people would see me as someone childish and immature Also sadly around where I live there are no forests, there are not many trees left of the ones that were left before, I also do not have a space to do it, nor money to invest in a new cosplay, how could I do all that when now my life forces me to get rid of What do I love to start a dark life full of work and obligations and the pressure to do things right drives me crazy? Maybe it is something that in the future I can consider doing But maybe it's just a crazy idea, a bit beautiful, but I guess I'm many years late Goodbye goodbye my inner child, I will miss you with all my heart when dark adulthood takes hold of me, but as long as I have my passions, I will not let you die, not so easy, maybe I will fulfill it in a future time.